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IoT: Driving the Patent Growth Story in India


"IoT: Driving the Patent Growth Story in India" provides an understanding of the key trends of patent filing in the Internet of Things or IoT domain in India.

This report marks the first in the series of patent filing trends in India across emerging technologies, we would continue to track patent filing across other emerging technologies in our next set of reports.

Key highlights for the report includes:

  • 6,000 IoT patents filed in India over 2009-2019
    • 40% of the IoT patents filed in India were first filed in the US (originated in the US)
    • 30% of IoT patents were filed by electronics and electrical equipment manufacturers followed by Semiconductor Device Manufacturers which accounted for over 20%
    • 13% of the patents were filed by IT/ITES companies
  • IoT patents find application across diverse areas
    • Healthcare and Automobile Industry lead the Industry 4.0 patent filing
    • Home Automation IoT patent were led by Smart Electrical Appliances followed by Smart wearables
    • Hardware Components and Softwares remain the leading technology areas
    • 95% of IoT patents relate to hardware components, with connectivity network and sensors being the leading sub-technologies
  • MNCs lead the IoT patent filing in India
    • 70% of IOT patents in India were filed from MNCs and International Start-ups
    • 7% of the patents were filed by Indian companies and start-ups
  • Over 40% of the IoT patents filed have been granted
  • 90% of the granted patents were filed by the MNCs
  • MNCs had a high ratio of granted to filed patents at over 50%
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