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Vidushi Sunanda Sharma to perform live in Venice, Italy on Saturday

Vidushi Sunanda Sharma has been invited again to sing Indian classical and semi-classical Music of Banaras Gharana for the Italian audience, being organised by Giorgio Cini Foundation in association with Swiss Cultural Foundation for their upcoming concert in Venice on this Saturday, January 25.

Vidushi Sunanda Sharma said, " I have been performing Indian classical music in the west in different countries for the last two decades now. It always fills my heart with the feeling of contentment and happiness when I see the audience there, totally engrossed while listening to Indian classical music. It adds peace into their lives. They don't understand our language but the effect of SUR which is our approach towards the notes touches their hearts."

She further added, "Last time when I performed at Cini Foundation, was a memorable experience, such a beautiful island in Venice - Italy. And this place is so artistic the audience comes to the auditorium via boats and ships as there are no cars and other means of travelling there. I was remembering Ganga Ghats of Banaras's there! I am glad to be invited there again and sing Indian classical and semi-classical Music of Banaras Gharana for the Italian audience there."

Vidushi Sunanda Sharma was invited to perform at the Cini Foundation in Venice (Italy) in June 2018 for the first time. The staff of the Institute of Intercultural Comparative Music Studies of the Foundation with its director Prof Giovanni Giuriati was really keen on hosting this sought-after musician's first exclusive Italian performance at the island of San Giorgio, the prestigious seat of the foundation just in front of San Marco Square.

The Cini Institute for Comparative Music Studies, founded by the eminent musicologist and Indian music expert Alain Daniélou, has been the main cultural organisation to consistently promote Indian classical music in Italy since the early 1970s through high standard programmes, international conferences and workshops, an extensive library and recording archive, but Sunandaji's performance was particularly appreciated as it was probably the first time that their audience experienced such variety of Hindustani vocal genres and all delivered with incomparable mastery and charisma.

After a historical concert of Smt Siddheshwari Devi in Rome many decades before, it was certainly the first time that the Italian audience experienced the nuances of authentic Banarsi bol banao or tappa in addition to khyal thanks to Sunandaji's captivating presentation and unique talent, proficiency and versatility. It was then not surprising that the connoisseur viewership of the Institute asked for an encore even in the hot June weather of Venice. This is why the Cini Foundation was eager to invite Vidushi Sunanda Sharma to perform again at their venue for an international private event again this month.

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