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    Tips To Prevent a House Fire

    Fires can be scary and losing your home to a fire is a much scarier thought. You can do plenty of things to stop a fire before it starts and keep your home and family safe. If you have smoke alarms at your home, then you should carefully maintain the smoke alarms by checking the batteries once every month. If they stop working, then you should replace them immediately. You also have to inspect the heating sources...

    • 16 hrs ago
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    Rs 2.6 Crore Sanctioned for Housing Project for Fishermen by Kerala Government

    The state government of Kerala issued a revised administrative sanction to complete the basic infrastructure work at Muttathara fishermen residential colony, which is the first large-scale housing scheme. It is implemented for fishermen families who are vulnerable to sea erosion in the district and the total amount which is invested for basic infrastructure is around...

    • 2 days ago
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    How To Throw A Perfect House Party?

    A party at your house can translate into an ultimate social gathering. You can be in total control of what to do in the house, including the music, guest list, the food and the closing time. However, you might need proper planning to organize something like that in your house. Firstly, you have to prepare the guest list. You do not want random people to be your guests. Another trick is to always lie about the...

    • 3 days ago
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    Tips To Prevent Snakes From Entering Your House

    Without a doubt, snakes are considered to be fearsome and frightening creatures by many. Science claims that the fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias around. If you live in a tropical region like Kerala, then you would have come across plenty instances of snake sightings. Measures can be taken to prevent snakes from entering your house. Firstly, it is beneficial for you to keep the...

    • 4 days ago
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    Tips to Protect Your Home From Rats

    Rats are the scare of every house. Apart from contaminating food and damaging buildings, the rats can damage your family's health. It is estimated that rodents like rats and mice spread more than 35 diseases. These diseases are most likely to be transmitted to people directly, through contact with rats or their feces, urine or saliva or also indirectly through ticks, mites or fleas from an infected...

    • 5 days ago
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    How To Prevent Ants From Entering Your House?

    Pests can give us a real headache if they are not taken care of in time. Ants can sometimes be really hard to get rid of if proper measures are not taken. In this article, we will talk about how to keep the ants away from your place. The first step that you should take is to keep the surfaces in and around your home clean. Start off by cleaning the dirty dishes, sweep and vacuum regularly and wipe...

    • 6 days ago
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    Tips To Protect Your Home From Lightning

    Kerala rains sometimes bring along with them heavy lightning and thunder. This, in turn, can cause major risk of property damage to the house owners and their electronic appliances. Therefore, you should always try to be on the safer side and prevent your property from being damaged. The following are some tips to protect your house from lightning. First and foremost, you must opt for using a home...

    • 7 days ago
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    How To Dehumidify Your House Naturally?

    Living in God's Own Country comes with its own pros and cons as far as the climate is concerned. Despite having a favorable climate, the weather of Kerala is often hot and humid. It often leads to more sweating and also provides the perfect atmosphere for breeding potentially harmful microbes and dust mites. This begs the question: How should one naturally dehumidify their house? A humid house shows...

    • a week ago
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    Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your House

    If you live in Kerala, then you must very well be aware of the spider infestation that can sometimes cause us all a lot of headaches. It is to be noted that some spiders may turn out to be poisonous, so it is best to keep them at bay before they cause more damage. One of the natural methods to use against spiders is essential oils. They are usually repelled by strong scents and peppermint oil is a...

    • a week ago
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    How To Build A Vertical Garden In Your House?

    Everyone loves a bit of greenery in their house. By using a bit of creativity, you can build a beautiful vertical garden. You can place wood pallets in the front door and hallway. These pallets will give you a lot of space vertically and horizontally to grow herbs and plants of your choice. Another hack for a vertical garden would be using cedar planks. If you have extra cedar wood blocks lying at...

    • a week ago