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Maity’s App from google playstore is Friend in need for all senior citizens in this covid situation

06 Jun 2021.10:29 AM

News Desk:  Pradip Sengupta is 74 years old. He stays with his wife in a stand-alone apartment in new town, Kolkata, and His daughters are all settled out of West Bengal. The apartment is at an isolated lane which is quite far from the market. Mr. Sengupta has to depend on the infrequent toto drivers for buying his groceries and medicines. Ms. Papiya das aged woman is also caught in a similar situation as she stays alone in Barasat. Her arthritis and other age-related issues do not allow her to go out on her own to get her daily necessities including medicines. With the upsurge of the pandemic from last year, their situation has become grimmer.  .

According to the last census (7), around 15 million out of 103.9 Mn senior citizens live alone and 3/4th of them are women. Most of these seniors’ citizens have their children settled abroad or in other cities within India.  .

Living alone exposes this population to a lot of risks like sudden health issues, visiting banks and availing other such essential services by their own.

Apart from these staying alone also makes them vulnerable as they don’t get any emotional support leading to depression, anxiety and other mental illness. 

Keeping in view the growing needs of the senior citizens of Bengal, an innovative service has been started by Maity’s Nestcare Techserv Pvt Ltd. Any senior citizen can avail this service wherein they will get assistance of ‘care volunteers’ from Maity’s nestcare. The services range from grocery shopping, buying monthly medicines, on call carpenters/plumbers/barbers/ambulance, daily physiotherapy to emergency hospitalisation or arranging doctor consultations. The services provided by Maity’s do not only look after the basic necessities of the senior citizens but also takes care of the mental health of the population. They conduct guided tours to temples, local/national/international tourist spots, Yoga classes. The service also includes encouraging them to pursue their hobbies. The services are not limited to the pandemic times but are long term where the overall wellbeing of the senior citizens is given prime importance. This service can be availed through the Maity’s positive living App available in the play store or via phone call. 


Mr Ajay Dutta of Behala has been benefitted hugely by this app and he said that, ‘It is really a helpful service. I get all my necessities at home and specially the medicines. I am very happy and indebted to Maity’s nestcare for this wonderful service.

Mrs. Ratna basu also shared a similar response to the service as she said ‘We are old people. The covid situation has put extra restrictions on us as we can’t go out to get things of our daily need. Maity’s nestcare service has benefitted us. We can even get the emergency services whenever needed.’



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