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208 Hindu temples destroyed in various acts of vandalism since two decades

Srinagar, March 27: Nearly 208 Hindu temples have been destroyed in various acts of vandalism in the last two decades. However, none of the mosques have been destroyed in such acts of vandalism.
Notably, Jammu and Kashmir government on Thursday while replying to the question of BJP MLA in state parliament said that in the last two decades of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, nearly 208 Hindu temples have been destroyed in various acts of vandalism. "Of the 438 temples in the Valley, 208 had been damaged over the years," it said.

The government further said, "A total of 63 hectares of land were under the 436 temples in Kashmir. There was no case of encroachment on these lands so far." "In south Kashmir Kulgam district nearly 85% of the 754 structures have been damaged," government added.

Notably, Srinagar ranks first with 57 temples being destroyed with Anantnag, coming close to second having 56 temples being destroyed by militants. Interestingly, the authorities have kept shut on the cause of such destruction and have been cautious in not blaming the entire episode of vandalism on the militants.

On the other hand, Sanjay Tickoo of Kashmiri Pandit Sangarsh Samiti (KPSS), a body of Kashmiri Pandits disputed the government figures, claimed that around 550 temples were damaged and 50,000 canals have been encroached upon.

The List of Hindu Temples attacked in Jammu and Kashmir by terrorists:0020

Hindu Temples attacked, stoned, bombed or burned by Kashmiri Muslims and terrorists inKashmir in Independent India. Data from newspapers noted once in a while. The noted period is from 1986.

SRINAGAR: Ganpatyar temple, Shrinagar - Stoning and Arson.

Bhairav temple, Maisuma - Stoning and Arson.

Temple in front of Gurudwara at Amiradadal ransacked

Shiv temple, Jawaharnagar - stoning and arson.

Bhairav Mandir, Karan Nagar - ransacked and Carpet burned.

Shiv temple near secretariat - stoning and arson.

Shiv Mandir, Chota Bazar-Local Muslim rioters attacked the temple and police resorted to firing to disperse the Muslims.

Narayan Math Mandir in Tulsi Bagh - arsonand stoning.

ANANTNAG DISTRICT: Gautam nag mandir at Sarnal - set on fire -heavy damage; 3 out of four rooms destroyed.

Shivalay Mandir, Nai Basti - heavy stoning, and temple ransacked

Temple at Wanpoh on Khanabal-QazigundRoad - set on fire - heavy damage.

Another temple at Vanpoh - set on fire -heavy damage.

Temple at Aishmuqam - Idol and temple ransacked.

Temple at Dhanbogund, Kulgam - set on fire- heavy damage.

Navgam temple, Shangas - Heavy stoning -heavy damage.

Achhabal temple near Navgam - Heavy stoning - heavy damage

Temple in Lokbhavan village of ThanaQazigund -ransacked.

The second temple in Lokbhavan village ofThana Qazigund -ransacked.

The third temple in Lokbhavan village of ThanaQazigund -ransacked.

Forth temple in Lokbhavan village of ThanaQazigund -ransacked.

Harish Chandra Seva Mandir, Beejbehara -idols destroyed ransacked the temple

Devi Mandir, village Karebal Beejbehara -Idols damaged and temple ransacked.

Shivalay Mandir, Janglat Mandi, Anantnagtown -ransacked and heavy damage.

Temple of Dyalgam - ransacked and heavy damage.

Temple at Fatehpura village, QazigundTehsil - Temple was seton fire - heavy damage.

Temple at village Siligam, Thana Aishmuqam - ransacked.

PULWAMA DISTRICT: ShivMandir at village Koil, Thana Pulwama - arson and looting.

Temple at village Trisal, Thana Pulwama -destroyed Idols, stole microphone. Boundary wall was broken.

BARAMULLAH DISTRICT: Kali Mandir in Jamla Kadal Mohalla, Sopore-arson.

Fatapura temple, Sopore -stoning. ANANTNAG DISTRICT

Chandi Puiarl temple, VYosu ThanaQazigund) - Arson and looting.

BADGAM DISTRICT: Sharda Devi temple, Yalkot (Thana 8adgam)- arson and one part of the temple burned.

Shiv Temple, Sanghampura - (Thana Biru) -building damaged.

Shiv Mandir, Magam (Thana Vodura) - arsonBARAMULA DISTRICT

Temple in Bandipore - stoning, and arson.

Temple in Bandipore - arson

SRINAGAR DISTRICT: 1. Ram Mandir, Maharajganj, Shrinagar - arson and looting.

Shiv Mandir, Sarafkadal, Shrinagar - stoning and arson.BARAMULLA DISTRICT

Shiv Mandir, Bandipur - arson and looting -Heavy damage.

Shri Raghunath Mandir, Baramulla - Bomb explosion in MandirPULWAMA DISTRICT

Shiv temple, Shopian - Temple burned downand fully destroyed; heavy damage.

Local tempIe in Tral - Arson and looting -Heavy damage.

ANANTNAG DISTRICT: Devi Mandir, Anantnag - arson and looting.

DODA DISTRICT: Basaknag mandir, Bhadrawah - arson and looting.

Shri Ram mandir's Hall, BarbarshahShrinagar - Bomb explosion.

Shiv Mandir Chota Bazar, Srinagar, Mandirburned looted and fully damaged.

Shri Raghunath Mandir, Srinagar - arson and looting.

Building of Ramkrishna Ashram, Chota Bazar, Srinagar-arson

PULWAMA DISTRICT5: Suchcha Nath Mandir, Shopian - arson looting and burning- heavy damage.BADGAMDISTRICT

Shri Ram Mandir, Badgam - destroyed; idols looted - heavy damage.

Rama Mandir, Udhampur - heavy damage.

DODA DISTRICT: Supernag Temple - Idols looted and temple burnt.

Siv Mandir Kiratwar - explosion on 2nd Nov. -minor damage.

Buichhal Mandir - explosion on 10th Nov. -heavy damage.

Temple in Kulharad village - arson burning and looting, heavy damage.

Temple in Bharat village - arson and looting- heavy damage.

SRINAGAR DISTRICT 1: Arya Samaj Mandir and School, Srinagar -Bomb explosion on 10th Feb.

Raghunath Mandir, Srinagar - arson and looting.

Arya Samaj Mandir and School Wazir Bagh, Srinagar -Bomb explosion on 21st July -heavy damage.

Shri Ram Mandir, Babarshah Shrinagar -Conference Hall attacked with rocket on2nd Sept.

Shitalnath Mandir, Srinagar - arson and looting on 18th Nov. heavy damage.

ANANTNAG DISTRICT: Lakshmi Mandir, Bijbehara - arson and looting on 4th August - Heavy damage.

BARAMULLA DISTRICT: Sharda Mandir, Kalusa,

Andipur-arson and looting. Heavy damage.

KUPWARA DISTRICT: Handura Mandir - Idols destroyed and many Idols were taken away.

ANANTNAG DISTRICT: Nagbal Mandir, Anantnag - Bomb Explosion.

Shri Raghunath Mandir, Anantnag - BombExplosion, - minor damage.

Shri Raghunath Mandir, Anantnag - Grenade thrown.


Shri Raghunath Mandir, Srinagar - arson and looting of seven houses of Hindus and two temples.

Shri Raghunath Mandir, Shrinagar-arson and looting.

Karafali Mohalla, Srinagar - Stoning, Arson and looting.

Temple in Anantnag - Stoning, Arson and looting.

Temple in Srinagar - Arson and looting.

Temple in Kulgam, Anantnag - Stoning, Arson and looting.

Shiv Mandir, Sherpore Kund - Stoning, Arson and looting.

Temple at Karichhama - Tang Marg, Baramulla - Stoning, Arson and looting.

Temple in Baramulla on Kungar Tang Road -Stoning, Arson and looting.

Shri Vishnu Temple, on the Bank of RiverJhelum Stoning, Arson and looting.

Kuvi Utraso Temple Anantnag - Stoning, Arson and looting.

Temple of Chitergund, Anantnag - Stoning, Arson and looting.

Temple of Bana Mohalla, Srinagar- Stoning, Arson and looting.

Karfali Mohalla, Shrinagar - Stoning , Arson and looting.

Samshan Bhoomi Temple, Karannagar, Srinagar - Stoning , Arson and looting.

Narsingh Bagh - Shadipur Temple, Ganderbal, Srinagar - Stoning, Arson and looting.

Nandkishore Temple, Sumbal, Baramulla -Stoning, Arson and looting.

Temple of Pahalgam, Anantnag. Stoning, Arson and looting.

Temple, Verinag, Anantnag. Stoning , Arsonand looting.

Second Temple Verinag, Anantnag. Arson and looting.

Third Temple, Verinag, Anantnag. Stoning, Arson and looting.

Fourth Temple, Verinag, Anantnag. Arson and looting

Fifth Temple, Verinag, Anantnag Arson and looting.

Sixth Temple, Verinag, Anantnag. Arson and looting.

Temple in Tragaon, Kupwara - Arson and looting.

Temple in Pattan, Baramulla - Arson and looting.

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