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Feng Shui : Why it is considered auspicious to keep aquarium at home?

As per astrology, aquarium is considered very auspicious as it brings positive energy everywhere. The trend of keeping fish aquariums in the house is increasing day by day. It is believed that if aquarium is kept in the right direction at home, then wealth issues can be solved and positive environment at home can be easily maintained and if it is placed in wrong direction then a person faces lot of trouble. We are telling you some aquarium related measures that you should always keep in mind:

Where aquarium should be kept?

Always keep fish Aquarium in East, North or North-east direction. It will bring positive energy at your home.

Do not keep aquarium here

Never kept aquarium near the kitchen as there is fire energy in kitchen

Keep changing water from time to time

When water gets dirty, remove it and fill new water in it otherwise negative energy will remain in it for long time.

How many fish you should keep in aquarium?

Nine is the lucky number for fishes. Always bring 9 fishes for your aquarium. There should be 8 red and gold fish and 1 black fish.

Importance of black fish

As per Feng Shui, black fish is a symbol of safety and protects the members of the house from negative energy.

What to do if a fish dies

If any of your fish dies, then immediately take it out and shed it in the river or pond.

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