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Former US NSA said, if the dispute with China increases, Trump will not support India!

From India's military policy to diplomacy, China has been heavy. Within a week, China has fallen on many fronts and its attitude has become loose. While the Red Army is retreating on the ground, China is calling for softness in all the meetings. The US stands with India in a dispute with China. US President Donald Trump has assured that he will provide all possible assistance to India in difficult times. The way America has been sieging China in the recent past.

This 'trust' seems to be correct, but former US National Security Advisor John Bolton has something else to think about. In an exclusive interview with Palki Sharma, Bolton spoke openly on this issue. He said that if tension increases between India and China, I do not think Donald Trump will come forward in support of India.

Bolton said, "I don't know what Trump will do after the November election, but if he comes back to power, Uygar will not oppose China for persecution of Muslims and Hong Kong. In contrast, he will get a big trade deal with China." Will do, so if tension increases between India and China, I don't think Donald Trump will stand with India

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