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Governments around the world are upset with this "web browser", Click here to know everything about it

In Florida, US, hackers encrypted the files about 2 months ago by using the dark web, ransomware attack on sensitive files of local administration, encrypted means that only those hackers have the key to access it. Those hackers had recovered $ 6 million from the administration to give access to the file to the local administration. In the last few days, there has been news of getting such a hacking tool on the dark web, which can easily hack the ATM. After all, what is the dark web considered as the underworld of the digital world, which is a problem for all governments around the world?

Deep and Dark Web-

Whenever we search anything on Google or any other search engine, we get to see millions of results. However, you will be surprised to know here that this is only 4% of the entire Internet and 96% of the share is within the deep web. It contains information like bank account details, papers of companies and research data. Access to the deep web is available only to those who are concerned with that data. It means to say that only you will be able to see your bank information and blog draft. You do not get all these things by searching in search engines. This directly means that the dark web is completely legal and its purpose is to protect the interests of the user. A small part of this is the dark web, which is a refuge for cybercriminals in the cyber world. It consists entirely of illegal works such as drugs, human trafficking, buying illegal weapons and selling debit/credit card information.

Mode of business

The dark web cannot be accessed from a simple browser. For this, the help of The Onion Router (tor) or similar browser is required. tor is layer by layer like an onion. This makes the user's IP address information, ie Internet Protocol address, constantly changing, and it is almost impossible to trace the IP address used on this browser. On the end of the dark web, you will see [onion] rather than ordinary [dot] com or [dot] in. In this, the website host, as well as the searcher, is anonymous. Transactions on this browser are also not in cash or dollars but in bitcoin or any other virtual currency, which the bank has no connection with. A businessman in the dark world of the dark web takes great advantage of it. The biggest feature of the dark web is that you do not need any major set up to host it, but it can be easily hosted on the dark web from a normal laptop or computer.

If you want to stay away from the mess of the dark web and protect yourself from it, then the only suggestion that can be given is that you should stay away from the dark web. If a common user goes into the world of the dark web, it can be compared to a person whose eyes have been left in the road with a blind eye, where his life is in danger. Similar is the case with the dark web, all the time in the dark web, hackers roam around in search of their new victim and as soon as you make a mistake, your bank details, social media details, personal photos, and videos also get their hands. No agency has any access to the criminals of the Dark Web until someone from the world of the Dark Web comes to help them. For example, a criminal in America ordered drugs without payment. When the cellar came to know of this, he sent the FBI to the buyer's house with drugs.

Why does the government not stop?

In 2002, the US made tor to communicate with its spies and keep communication secret. Earlier this tor was only for military and secret entities. But the US military later gave Iran and South Korea for secret communication with the US government. Since then, this system was leaked and the criminals from all over the world got involved. After which, now the tor browser has been released for common people all over the world. Since then, governments around the world find themselves helpless in front of tor.

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