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How Akbar most beautiful wife Jodha died; Know here

Akbar loved Jodha Bai very much. Jodha Bai loved Akbar the most among her queens. He was the one who carried forward Akbar's dynasty. But there is not much evidence in the history of Jodha's death. People do not know much about how Jodha died?

Many historians state that Jodha died of illness. Jodha's elder son Salim did many things that made Jodha very sad. Salim was very upset with his misdeeds. Salim had rebelled against his own father, Akbar.

This gave Jodha a lot of shock and she started being very upset too. Shocked by this, Jodha suffered a heart attack. Jodha died on 16 June 1623 in Agra.

Salim then buried Jodha's body near Akbar's tomb. Both of them loved each other very much and the evidence of this is also found in the pages of history.

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