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Kapalbhati Pranayama, for a longer living

Though in today's living everyone is very much aware about Yoga, byt only few are those who know the basic Pranayama and its benefits.

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Swami Ram Dev Ji, is teaching the world about yoga and its various benefits which helps in the long run of life.

Pranayama is something which is completely based on the 'Breathing technique' and is a part of yoga.

Basically Pranayam means to expand the Prana (breathing) Energy inhale it completely into the body. Everyone is living because of this breathing energy. If it leaves our body, then we all goanna die.

And if this breathing energy is not good or not in our control, then it would result in our immunity power, which gets decreased hence by that we get various diseases.

Kapalbhati Pranayam

Kapalbhati Pranayam is one of those best breathing exercises mentioned in Pranayam Yoga.
In Kapalbhati Pranayam you forcefully exhale the air though nose. The exhale count of the air that you intake is more than that of inhale count.

Benefits of Kapalbhanti:

Kapalbhanti makes your skin glow:

Are you in need of something which maintaind\s as well as enhance the natural glow of your skin? Then Kapalabhati is the best solution for your query. Kapalbhanti increases your natural skin glow, it is proven. So many yogis have said that.

It treats the vascular veins on face:

Vascular veins on face can make you look ugly and spoil your beautiful face Vascular veins are those red lines which appears on uyour face due to blod clotting inside the skin. Other One reason for vascular veins is poor blood circulation to head part.
With Kapalbhatti Pranayama you can pump huge amount of blood to skull and by this all the vascular veins will be cleared in the span of 30-40 days.

Kapalbhanti slows the ageing:
People who practice this yoga breathing exercise look 8 to 10 years younger than their age. This is scientifically proven yoga technique. The great example of it is, Yog Guru Baba Ramdev Himself and Hema Malini ji (veteran bollywood actress) both of them don't look like their age.

Kapalbhanti Prevents hair loss:

Yeah! Kapalbhanti can prevent hair loss too, its 100% true. As told earlier that this yoga pranayama technique increases blood flow to skull (head part) so it results in making the roots of hair strong. If the roots of hair are strong, one will never have to go through hair loss.
So if you want your hair to grow stronger and longerkeep practice this Pranayama.
Do this breathing exercise daily for few minutes

Kapalbhanti Calms the storm in your mind:

Over thinking leads to mental stress and cause a lot of problems it can even results in depression too. For keeping yourself mentally fit, you should do this breathing exercise. Kapalbhanti, the breathing exercises is best natural remedy. Practice it for 5 to 10 minutes and experience the peace and bliss hidden inside of you.

Kapalbhanti kills stress and anxiety:

Stress and anxiety is the 2 destroyer of one's mental as well as physical fitness. Increased work pressure, mental tensions and other bad lifestyles could lead one's mind to mind related diseases like stress and anxiety.
This is completely common when you have a hectic schedule and when you don't take 8 hours nap. Performing Kapalbhanti will surely eliminate these 2 problems from your life. One doesn't need any drugs for-mental stress and anxiety if you do this breathing exercise daily.
Cures insomnia:

Do you have sleeping disorders? Even though there can be a lot of reasons for this insomnia (sleeplessness problem) but most of all are related to mind. If your mind is calm and perfect, then you can sleep well but if ther ius chaos in your head, you cannot sleep properly. So for this problem, practice Kapalabhati for 5 to 8 minutes on evenings. It can seriously cure insomnia.

Kapalbhati for weight loss :

If you ask any yoga guru for the best breathing exercise in yoga for weight loss, without any hesitation they would say Kapalbhati. Yes, this is the best way to reduce weight fast. And this is completely natural.

Many studies have proved that people who did Kapalabhati daily had reduced their weight by more than 10 Kilograms in less than 45 days. Even top Yoga gurus like Sri Baba Ramdev Ji, recommends it.

It Cures constipation:

Constipation sounds funny, but it is one major problem for old age people. As their digestive system goes weak with the age, so it leads to problems like poor digestion and even constipation sometimes. Constipation is not only a serious problem in old people, but also for kids and few young people, who do not eat properly.

Constipation tends to lead us to unhealthy lifestyle, various allergies, diarrhoea, swollen abdomen and many other health based problems. Medicines are available in market that cures constipation but they are not good for longtime usage and some of them are less effective. Taking medicines makes you habitual of them and they even cause side effects on health.

So for people who are facing constipation problem, Kapalbhati Pranayama is a best natural remedy. Do this for 3 to 5 minutes daily and you will see the results in less than 7 days

It Strengthens stomach muscles:

During Kapalbhati we forcefully exhale air from the body and during this process we forcefully push the stomach inside. As we keep pushing and relaxing, the muscles around abdomen get exercised resulting in getting stronger day by day.

Improves blood circulation:

Low blood circulation can cause many problems like skin allergies, cold hands, loss of hair, dry nails and so on. It can sometimes leads to serious Blood Pressure Issues.

But before getting this thing worse, start working on it.
Kapalbhatti Pranayama is one good yoga technique to cure low blood circulation. It improves blood circulation for total body and keeps you healthy and fit.
Start doing Kapalbhanti Pranayama for 3 to 5 minutes on either early mornings or evenings.

As they say healthy body is the key to everything, so it doesn't matter how much busy you are you must take some minutes out of your schedule and should practice this Kapalbhanti pranayama for your own self.

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Health is one true wealth!

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