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Rahul will still have to find new troublemakers among old veterans, know who is the better option in Congress

After losing his political Chanakya as Ahmed Patel, the question has arisen in the Congress standing at the crossroads that after him who will stop the all-round crisis of the party? At present, such influential faces are not visible in the new generation. Let's know who can be a better option ...

After losing his political Chanakya, the question has arisen in the Congress standing at the fork that after Ahmed Patel, who will stop the all-round crisis of the party? The fact that there has been a long-running tussle between senior and junior leaders in the party is that at present the new generation of Congress does not see such influential faces who are fit to play the role of a troubleshooter. In such a situation, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi may have to adopt the option of relying only on the experiences of senior leaders for some time.

Rahul will decide

If sources are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi may again become Congress President early next year amid the internal infighting in the party. In such a situation, Rahul will decide who will be the face of the party, which has created the political structure and political management of the party, with the demise of Ahmed Patel. Sonia Gandhi's role will be that of an advisor. In this sense, Rahul has the option of bringing the leaders of his choice of the new generation into this role.

Infighting big challenge

However, the current infighting of Congress hardly allows Rahul to try this option. It is clear from the current situation of the party that even though the new faces from the professional background can handle the office and management of the Congress President, there are limitations from the organizational structure of the party to carry out the political strategy. Especially when the Congress is facing not the old-time BJP of Atal Advani but the new-age BJP under Modi-Shah. In such a situation, a new troubleshooter will have to be tested based on loyalty, experience, and ability to deliver results.

Bypassing senior leaders is not easy

Congress is also aware of the fact that no leader can compensate for Patel's multifaceted skills and talent. KC Venugopal, playing the role of Rahul's trusted organization general secretary, has limitations in language and dialogue. They have no connection with Hindi speaking regions. Rahul has an option in Randeep Surjewala in terms of loyalty and ability among the new generation leaders. However, it is also not easy to sideline senior leaders during the current internal turmoil.

Troubleshooters will have to be found from old veterans

In such a situation, along with the trusted faces of his team, Rahul will have to find troublemakers of different roles from the old giants. In this regard, the first number is that of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot but he will leave the command of the province. Veteran home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde is also a prominent option to strike a balance between the party's senior-juniors. Whatever may become the treasurer of the party, but in the current era, P. Chidambaram can play an important role in reducing the difficulties of economic funding of Congress.

Road closed for these leaders

Senior political leader Digvijay Singh may be most effective on political issues. Mukul Wasnik and Mallikarjun Kharge, who has held the post of party general secretaries for the longest time, are also not out of this list. But for Group 23 leaders involved in the letter dispute, the path to these roles is hardly left. However, Ghulam Nabi Azad can best handle Patel's role in terms of capacity and stature. But its scope will be made only when the independent rebels leave the post and the high command also softens its stand.

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