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Reliance Jio offer ,Now enjoy 134 free to air TV channels throughout life, this is the new setup box with no umbrella

Reliance Jio company has recently announced the launch of Jio's fibre broadband service on 5 September. But before that, such a set-top box is making a boom in the telecom market, which has been made available without an umbrella. This is a powerful high-tech set-top box in which there will be no need to put an umbrella. According to the sources, it has been found that it can be directly connected to the TV.

134 free to air channels throughout life

Hitech will make 134 TV channels available in set-top box free on a direct connection to the TV. Not only this, but a special feature has also been made available in this set-top box, through which customers can easily connect this set-top box with the Internet. With this, whatever channels will be made available in the top box for free, all these channels will be free to air channels. But on connecting to the internet, up to 1000 channels can be seen in it.


To connect to the internet, features like LAN and WiFi have been provided in this high-tech set-top box. According to the information, it has been learned that this smart high-tech set-top box has features like RC cable port, HDMI port, antenna port, and USB port for the dongle to connect all types of TVs. This set-top box is being known as the Internet setup box.

This is the price

The size of the smart high-tech set-top box is very compact, so you can easily carry it around in the pocket. Being connected to the internet, DTH can also be enjoyed on the go. From this, free to air 134 TV channels can be seen in the top box and more than one thousand TV channels can be seen when connected to the Internet. Talking about the price, the price of this Hitech Smart Set Top Box has been kept at ₹ 1500 in the market.

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