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Surprising and interesting facts About Lord Ganesh

Lord Ganesha is globally the most recognized Hindu deity. He is also known as the Elephant God of Hinduism and son of the Destroyer Mahadev and Parvati.

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Gnesha is "Vighanharta" the remover of obstacles. Indian people takes the blessings of Lord Ganesha before embarking on any new task for all of us, Ganesh ji is the one who holds the power to grant wisdom and remove any challenges from one's path to success.
Here on the occasion Of Ganesh Chaturthi we will share some facts related to chubby Lord Ganesh.

Family Backgound:

Lord Ganesh belongs to a family of divine the Mahadev . He is the son of Lord Shiva - the Hindu God of Destruction and Goddess Parvati - the Hindu Goddess of fertility & love. Lord Ganesh has a brother as Lord Kartik - the Hindu God of War & Victory!

Two wives and Two Sons:

According to the scared books and believes, Ganesha had two wives Ridhhi (meaning Prosperity) and Sidhhi (meaning Intellectual Enlightenment) moreover he had two sons -Subha (Riddhi's son, representing Auspiciousness) while Labha (Siddhi's son, representing Profit

Ganesh's Birth:

One day when Shiva was in one of his deep meditations again and wanted for no reason to be disturbed. Parvati wanted to meet lord Shiva but was restricted from going in by Nandi. Parvati was deeply hurt and felt very lonely being ignored by her husband.
She made the decision to have someone who would be there any time she needed and would so, right then and there she collected some clay from her body while she was bathing and molded the most handsome young man she could image, the next moment lord Vishnu breathed life into him and handsome Lord Ganesh was born.
Elephant Head:

Soon after his creation Parvati requested Ganesh to guard her side of the mountain while she bathed. As she was away, Shiva came out of his deep meditation and, as any good husband would, went to go visit his wife unaware of the newly created Ganesh.
Suddenly he was confronted by a handsome young man telling him he couldn't see his Goddess Parvati ...Lord Shiva got angry .There was a quick battle and in the process Shiva cut down Ganesh's head. After knowing who he really was, Shiva decided to bring him back to life and told his fellow Nandi and others to bring the head of the first sleeping being they found with it's head facing towards the North. Well, the first thing they found was an elephant, so Shiva attached the elephant head to Ganesh's body and bring him back to life.

One broken tusk:

Ganesha is also named as 'Ekdant' meaning 'one-toothed'. He is always represented with a broken tusk. The story behind this is, One day, as Ganesh was guarding his father who was in one of his deep meditations, a family friend came to visit.It was Parashurama an incarnation of Vishnu who is known for his serious temper. Ganesh was in trouble because he was told to not let anyone disturb his father in meditation, Unable to disobey a direct order from his father he didn't let Parashurama's in, and as a result Parashurama lost his temper and threw an axe at Ganesh.
Ganesh knowing that the axe was a gift from his father allowed the axe to hit him out of respect. Hence got this broken tusk since then.
Lord Ganesha's writing skills:

Ganesha is the original writer of the great Hindu epic Mahabharat. It is believed that the narrator of the Mahabharat -Ved Vyasa - chose Ganesha to be his scribe because no other being in the Universe had the wisdom like lord Ganesha.
Lord Ganesh is worshiped first among all the lords:

Lord Ganesh is Hinduism's most popular deity.. It is believed that when Ganesha got his Elephant Head, then Lord Shiva declared that a first and foremost prayer must be made to Lord Ganesha before beginning with any other holy Hindu ritual. As a result Lord Ganesh is a worshiped before the invoking of any other deity.

No tulsi (holy basil) with Lord Ganesha:

While the Tulsi ( holy basil ) plant has a holy relevance in most Hindu rituals but the worship of Lord Ganesh excludes any involvement of the Tulsi plant. This is because Tulsi once cursed Lord Ganesh when he refused to marry her and in turn lord Ganesha cursed her and excluded her from ever being linked to his worship.

Collective Worship:

Ganesha is often worshiped alone but on the auspicious occasion of Diwali , Lord Ganesh is worshiped with Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati.
His Vahana (vechile):

Almost every Hindu god has a vehicle or trusty steed. Ganesha didn't had one of his own.
During a bet, Ganesh and his brother Kartikeya challenged each other to see who could go around the world 3 times the fastest.
As Kartikeya jumped onto his huge bird of a vehicle and flew at records speeds to get around the world and win the challenge, Ganesh was left on the ground. He never had a vehicle of his own so he quickly asked his father for some form of a vehicle to ride upon, to which Shiva gave a tiny mouse.

Ganesh, knowing that the mouse could never carry him started brainstorming.An idea came to him and he went up to his parents, walked around them 3 times and announced he had won the challenge, because parents are the highest respected members of any family they are respected as symbolic of the world.
Shiva was pleased that he won his challenge and forever after he was revered for his incredible intellect.

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