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The bride and groom cannot go to the toilet in this country for three days after getting married!

Different rules are followed everywhere in marriage. People of every religion follow their rules strictly. Because they are afraid that if they do not follow these rules, then the life of a newly married couple could be in trouble. This rule may be necessary for them. But elsewhere and people of religion see such rules as bizarre. A similar rule remains the center of discussion. According to this rule, the bride and groom cannot go to the toilet for three days after getting married.

You may be surprised to hear this rule, but the people of Indonesia perform this unique ritual strictly. This ritual is very prevalent in the TWONG community of Indonesia. According to this ritual, the bride and groom are prohibited from going to the toilet for three days. Breaking this ritual is considered bad luck in their civilization.

Going to the toilet leads to purity. People in the Tdong community believe that marriage is a sacred bond. Going to the toilet will destroy the sanctity of the wedding and the bride and groom will be defiled. They also believe that a lot of people use the toilet. By which their negative energy is left in the toilet. If the newly-married bride and groom use the toilet, then the negative energy of those people comes in them. This threatens to break the bride-groom relationship. Not only this, due to this the life of the bride and groom can also be in danger.

Ban is also imposed on eating and drinking. The bride and groom should stay away from this bad omen. For this, they are given less food for three days. To obey this practice, the bride and groom are given less water to drink. So that their rituals should not be interrupted.

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