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US: Envelope delivered to White House address, poison emitted from inside

The president is going to be elected in America. The election campaign is at its peak. President Donald Trump faces Joe Biden of the Democratic Party this time. Meanwhile, a shocking case has come to light. Authorities have detected poisoning in an envelope at the White House address of the US President's official residence.

PTI quoted the news agency as saying that an official has given this information to the Associated Press on Saturday. He said that the letter was caught in a government establishment that checks the incoming mail for President Donald Trump and the President's Office White House.

According to the report, the official said that in the initial investigation, it has been confirmed to be 'Resin'. It is a naturally occurring toxic substance found in castor seed. The officer gave this information on the condition of keeping the name confidential. After this incident, federal investigators are finding out where this envelope came from and who has sent it.

The FBI, Secret Service, and US Postal Inspection Service are leading the investigation. The FBI said in a statement that agents are investigating a suspicious letter from the US government postal establishment and that there is no threat to public safety.

Explain that a senior Navy employee was arrested in 2018 by members of the Trump administration for sending similar envelopes.

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