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Warning: This is why you should never put Apple cards in leather wallet or jeans!

The iPhone-maker has warned people against keeping Apple Card in a leather wallet or jeans, after recently launching the Apple Card.

Apple claims its Goldman Sachs-backed credit card is made with a multi-layer coating process that is added to its titanium base material and if any metal scratches against the card, it could do some serious damage to the finish.

The company has recommended users to store the card in any soft material which is not leather or denim.

The Apple Card requires no number, CVV security code, expiration date or signature on the card as it is both a digital and a physical credit card. It comes with benefits like instant approval, zero fees on missing deadlines or going over the limit and daily cashback on purchases.

Apple Card uses Machine Learning and Apple Maps to label transactions with merchant names and locations.Purchases are organised by colour-coded categories such as Food and Drinks, Shopping and Entertainment.

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