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Bappa Rawal! A brave Hindu warrior of Mewar who defeated the Arab invaders from entering India

Mewar!!! When we hear the name of this place, the first thing that comes to our mind is countless great warriors from this place who has sacrificed their lives for the nation. Mewar is the birthplace of many great warriors such as Rana Kumbha, Rana Sanga, Rana Uday Singh, Maharana Pratap and Rani Padmini The founder of this great Mewar dynasty was the mighty warrior Bappa Rawal The real name of Bappa was Prince Kalbhoj. He was so brave that his enemies used to tremble with fear on hearing his name. Bappa Rawal was the only Hindu ruler who killed the Arab terrorists.

Not only Bappa Rawal was a brave warrior but he was also a philanthropist. That is why he was loved by the people of his kingdom.People started calling him Bappa. Bappa is equivalent to father position. It is because Bappa Rawal never boasted as a ruler, but like a father he looked after his people. He was a great devotee of Ekalinga.

Bappa Rawal was the first king who had defeated the Mughals for the first time.By the eighth century, the rule of Arab terrorists had begun in Sindh, Bappa Rawal was the warrior who had prevented them from proceeding towards the east. Not only did Bappa stop the Arab invaders from coming to India, but he also uprooted them from Sindh. In 712 AD, Bappa Rawal won the Sindh province from Muhammad Bin Qasim. On one side Pratihara Samrat Nagabhata was killing the Arabs along western Rajasthan and Malwa region, on other side, Bappa Rawal was killing the insurgents in Mewar and surrounding areas. King Bappa Rawal was the king who snatched kingdom of Arabs from them. It was not easy to capture Chittor fort by defeating the Maurya ruler Maan Mori in 734 AD, but it was only Bappa Rawal who made this herculean task possible.

Bappa Rawal was a devoted fellow of Harit Rishi who was a sage of Mewar and hence, he was always under the blessings of this sage. In 735 AD, Hajjat sent an army to attack Mewar, but Bappa Rawal boldly defeated his army. Bappa Rawal, Nagabhatta I and the Chalukya ruler Vikramaditya II together defeated the combined army of Al-Hakmaq bin Alawa, Tamim bin Jaid al-Utbi and Junaid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Murai. Bappa also defeated ruler of Ghazni, Salim. For nearly 20 years, the Mughals were under the threat of Bappa Rawal

Due to the fear of Bappa, the Arab rulers were even afraid to see toward India. It is believed that for nearly four hundred years, the Mughals did not attack India. Many Muslim rulers had even married their daughters to Bappa because of his fear and also so that they could live peacefully. From this, we can estimate how powerful Bappa was. But its heart breaking that today many of us even don't remember such a great and brave Hindu warrior .Most of us even don't know about him also. It is our duty to make people aware of all such heroes who have bravely fought for the nation. Such heroes should be worshiped. It is said that the present Pakistan's Rawalpindi has got its name after the brave warrior Bappa Rawal.

Big salute to the great King of India, Bappa Rawal !!

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