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'DOERS' contributing to the success of Skill India

Doers Indian Automobile Service, a leading car and bike servicing company that facilitates online servicing of bikes and cars, is expanding its production capacity and sales & service network to create more skilled youth in India. In addition to providing convenient at home and workshop servicing of cars and bikes, Doers will undertake skill-development which is an important pillar of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

The company's CSR efforts are meant to improve the lives of people imprisoned in Bangalore. The company is working closely with communities and involving them in aspects of project implementation, including needs assessment, project design, monitoring, and mid-course correction. One of the fundamental objectives of these training programmers is ensuring rehabilitation and re-entry into society of inmates. As part of the overarching National Education Program for Young People and Adults, Doers training programs have been developed for inmates of Jails and Juvenile Homes to ensure skill development in prisons promotes self-reliance and autonomy of inmates. Doers is talked with the authorities of rehabilitation center to develop and implement new initiatives for inmates

The Company is already a leader at providing home servicing, repair, restoration, and assistance to owners of cars and bikes and expects to impart skills to inmates that infuse them with the Doers ideology of hard work, honesty, and innovation.

Speaking on Skill IndiaMr. Mahesh Shetkar, Business Developer and strategy planner, at Doerssaid 'As a responsible corporate stakeholder, we believe it's our duty to not only provide a valuable service to customers but also to make society a better place to live. Our customers benefit because we allow them to save time and money when their car or bike needs servicing or repair. Similarly, society and inmates benefit from the employability skills we impart to inmates because they acquire skills that allow them to earn an honest living. By teaching skills that make people employable, Doers expects to create a more harmonious society in which it can profitably serve its customers and the community.'

About Doers: Doers is in the bike and automobile sector and is making car and bike maintenance easier using a single tap hassle-free platform that simplifies services to individuals and business that own or operate bikes and cars. Established in major cities across the country, Doers has expertise in providing quality bike and car repair, restoration, assistance, and other valuable services. The company's services aren't limited to round the clock support for vehicles but include professional support and expert advice for vehicle enthusiasts and local bike and car mechanics. The company has evolved from a fledgling start-up into a powerhouse online car and bike service platform known for providing outstanding customer service. Doers has been capturing market share at an astounding rate and is a tech-savvy company that expects to continue to provide superior quality service in the long term and use its disruptive model to take over the online car and bike service industry.

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