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Rich Psych, an online counselling platform, announces free online consultation with psychologists for people in need Nationwide amid the Pandemic

Rich Psych, a leading Telehealth platform of India, has announced a 'Well-Being' counselling plan for free online consultation with counsellors and psychologists, to help people stay positive and motivated. Through this service, people will be able to talk to qualified and experienced psychologists from across India, right from their homes. They can connect with psychologists, counsellors and mental health workers and take a free 30 minutes consultation over an audio/video call without any consultation charges. They will also be able to connect via text messaging; a step to address the mental, emotional and behavioural well-being during the pandemic. The service delivery is totally online through their website

The soaring number of COVID-19 cases in India and around the world has generated unprecedented anxiety and stress, especially among the frontline workers. On one hand, medical facilities and hospitals are working day and night to address the swarming of more cases, on the other, they along with everyone else is living in a state of constant fear of the unknown leading to extreme anxiety and stress. The course of the pandemic may add to this exhaustion, fatigue and tiredness which can substantially impact the mental and emotional well-being of the frontline workers and those impacted by lockdowns, in isolation or in quarantine.

As a supportive measure for people especially nurses, medical and social workers, Rich Psych is offering a free consultation plan where people would be able to connect to qualified counsellors and psychologists. They would be able to receive active guidance and counselling addressing their anxiety, fears, panic and worry to keep them motivated and positive. The whole counselling process is confidential with total privacy and all communication with the counsellor is end-to-end encrypted. The user also has an option to talk anonymously with their counsellor without revealing their personal identity. To get access to this online counselling plan, users can register on

'Anyone finding it emotionally difficult to cope with this situation, should feel free to use Rich Psych,' says Rich Psych CEO YaminiNegi. ' Telehealth doesn't require physical contact and can be used effectively during lockdowns and social distancing measures. It's a novel situation, that we all are facing. Hence, anxiety and panic. Nevertheless, it is essential that people get support for their emotional and mental well-being and resilience during this time, and online counselling and therapy is a good way to achieve this.'

There has been a significant increase in the number of people seeking support and counselling at Rich Psych to cope with the psychological effects of this pandemic. Rich Psych is also actively using other methods and tools to generate mental health awareness and for staying calm during the lockdown. People can get in touch through its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages to know more about how they can cope better in times like these.

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