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#TheNewNormal: Rise of Online Education in India

According to a KPMG Report, 'India's burgeoning Edtech sector is worth over Rs 15,000 Crore now'.

The Edtech firms have ceased the opportunity presented to them during the nationwide lockdown and are certainly contributing their bit in bringing back the wheel of education back on track. According to a report by BARC India and Nielsen, 'There has been a 30 per cent increase in the time spent on education apps since the lockdown commenced'

Apart from the Edtech giants like BYJU's & Unacademy, many other budding Edtech companies have also come forward and are empowering the educational institutions, students & the working class within their own capacity.

  1. EduBrisk: EduBrisk; a brain-friendly educational solutions platform for schools and students have started their 'Classroom to Virtual Classroom' programme that enables schools to go live within 24 hours. EduBrisk has invested in high-quality human resource to start this education program in India and have on-boarded 30 schools since the lockdown started and are planning to onboard 150-200 new schools within the span of next 2 months.
  1. Classroom.Live: Unthinkable Solutions LLP launched Classroom.live, an education delivery platform that allows teachers and students to connect from the comfort of their homes. The platform went live in mid-April 2020 and within a few weeks, 40000 students from more than 75 schools & institutions have started using it successfully. Also, Classroom.live performs 1 lakh session screenings per day.
  1. IntelliPaat: IntelliPaat is a pioneer in the online training industry that provides Online Professional Training Courses and Certification platforms with Pan India offerings for professionals and corporates.

    The platform provides more than 150+ courses for professionals globally with 1000+ trainers onboard. Presently, they are operating in more than 50+ countries and are helping more than 6 lakh users to up-skill their talent.
  1. Suraasa: Suraasa is a one-stop solution for in-service and pre-service teacher education. To make teachers employable before they get their first job, Suraasa offers a Graduate Level Teaching Qualification Program that aspiring teachers can undertake online or from a centre. Today, 8,000 teachers are on the platform and 300 have undertaken Suraasa's graduate level qualification. The company also offers high growth opportunities for teachers in the field of international education.
  1. Talerang: Talerang a leading organisation that offers 'customised career training to students and professionals' with the purpose of creating work-ready and skilled professionals in India. Talerang works with over 350 of the best companies in India and Over 90% of Talerang students are rated - work-ready by employers. Over the past 4 years, they hold a record for placing 99% of their students.
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