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Weddings during Coronavirus

The world is going through difficult times since the coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic has led us to stay at home and save ourselves. People who had their weddings planned during these times have either postponed till the situation gets better or are getting married in intimate gatherings surrounded by close family members. Some have even opted for digital blessings of elders as that's the only option left.

Weddings all over the world were affected, and people in India, where weddings are enormously grand, have been hit hard. 'I, being a makeup artist in this industry can feel what everyone is going through. There is a massive decrease in the business. Usually by this time of the year, the calendar of almost every wedding vendor is blocked, but the year 2020 has only made things slow.' Says Cherry Deol, Pro Makeup Artist & Founder of Makeup by Cherry.

Currently, the bride's who had planned each and every detail, are also stuck with deciding what to do with their expensive bridal outfits, banquet, makeup artist and so on..The list is big, many things are involved when you get married! It is truly sad to see what the world is going through, but again, we hope that things are sorted as soon as possible so that we can all get back on track with our lives! And if your wedding is months or a year away, don't worry! Because the situation is changing and evolving every day. Amidst the coronavirus lockdown, there are still some couples getting married. Here are some points to look at before planning an intimate get together.

Some points to look at if you're getting married during the lockdown.

Temperature checking each guest may seem a little awkward, but it's for their own good. Make sure that you check the temperature of each guest and the staff to ensure that they are safe to enter the wedding.

Have your guests sanitise their hands before entering the wedding. This is the most important part, you should keep a lot of sanitisers inside the venue to make sure that no germs are being spread.

Avoid touching/hugging/taking selfies/close contact with relatives or friends in the gathering as maintaining social distance is the safest thing to do.

Those who live far or are elders, can join you on a live stream and attend the wedding!

Even though weddings are all about having fun and eating delicious food, a mask should still be used to avoid any spread of germs.

These points will only help you to protect yourself and others around you.

However, it will not guarantee that you are 100% safe. If possible, it is best to wait it out, and get married in a grand way once the situation gets better!

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