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XR Central launched India's Leading and Technologically Most Advanced Fully Immersive Experiential Virtual Spaces Platform- CUBE

'A fully customizable, scalable and cross-functional solution to building your perfect virtual space'

New Delhi-Oct'12, 2020: The New Normal has pushed boundaries for all the businesses globally. The challenge, COVID-19 has raised, for many businesses has been how to quickly take their businesses digital in way that positively impacts customer engagement, business pipeline and customer satisfaction. The solution to this challenge is the inclusion of Immersive (XR) technology in current business strategy. Many enterprises have been including Augmented Reality as a part of their strategy, but now it's the right time to think XR (AR, VR, MR) strategy.

CUBE is the perfect platform that enables businesses to quickly expand their growth strategies with the application of XR based technologies. The platform is scalable and adapts to highly customized space designs (3D) with options to add collaboration features, which are real life like along with multiple layers of gamifications to create a memorable experience. One of the USPs of CUBE is that it has an inbuilt content management system (CMS) that puts brands in the driving seat to build virtual spaces, product visualization and accommodate changes easily and quickly.

Anshul Agarwal, Co-Founder, XR Central said 'CUBE is a special platform that has been built keeping in mind the challenges that industries are going through in their digital transformation journey. It is a highly scalable, flexible and robust platform that adds value to businesses across sectors. CUBE will be of great advantage for Retail Brands (Retail Stores, E-Commerce, Fashion & Lifestyle Stores), Digital Experience & Briefing Centers, Virtual Product launches, Virtual Events, Digital Museums & Art Galleries and more. We are proud of our CUBE'.

Shrey Mishra, Co-Founder, XR Central said 'With the launch of cube we are sure to be adding an edge to the Virtual Industry. Especially during the COVID-19 and the widely acceptance of the new normal, our CUBE platform will be doing wonders for brands looking to create positive impact on their rather slow sales pipeline'. CUBE is one of the most technologically advanced virtual spaces platform in India and we are proud to add value to the 'make in India' initiative.

Features of the platform:

1. Versions: CUBE VR+ (for building webVR experiences), CUBE AR+ (for building webAR experiences)

2. Device & Web Browser Optimized: Device agnostic and web-based technology

3. Customizable Interactive 3D spaces: Design 3D spaces as desired and make them alive

4. In-Built Content Management System (CMS): For ease of use and content management

5. Personalized User Management System: Monitor the user base with admin access

6. Scalability: Built to scale front end and backend

7. Accessibility: Built for easy, intuitive and seamless accessibility across devices and web browsers

8. Business Intelligence & Mirco-level Analytics: Dashboard that captures entire user journey and the desired analytics

9. Platform Managed Support: Designated team to provide support on project basis as per the SLA

10. Highly Secured Platform: International standards for data protection and privacy measures

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