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Happy Daughters' Day 2021: History, significance and celebration

New Delhi: Daughters' Day is a special day which is dedicated to daughters. It is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month of September in the English calendar. Different countries celebrate it on different days and in India, it is celebrated on 26th September. On this day, parents gift their daughters special gifts and try to make them feel special. Many people also try to boost the confidence of their daughters on this day and encourage them to pursue their dreams.


Patriarchy ruled around the world for a long time. The change in thought process and accepting women as equal to men, has come forth only recently. Daughter's Day is a reminder to treat sons and daughters alike. The day is dedicated to a 'girl child' for giving out one message loud and clear - that girls are not inferior to boys.

Why is it celebrated?

Daughter's Day is celebrated for the very same reason - to remind people around the world that a girl child is not inferior to a boy child. The day is also celebrated to raise awareness about acceptance of a girl child and end the stigma which came with patriarchy.


The day is a reminder for people obsessed with boy child, that daughters are just as great. In fact, the daughters could end up making a parent smile more than boys at times.

How can you celebrate:

On this day, parents and other family members make girl children in the family feel special by giving them gifts, treating them to good food or spending quality time with them. Tell them that they are no less than boys and are equally loved and respected. Instead of curbing their desires, encourage them to pursue their dreams and boost their confidence.

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