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    The Covid-19 pandemic exposed how years of neglect has deprived millions in India of basic healthcare. Health-related infrastructure, where available, is not up to the mark. The private sector is the major player in the country, but it is the public sector that fulfils the requirement for the many who cannot afford private healthcare. W.H.O data indicates...

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    Old Satire Video On McDonald's Using Human Meat Resurfaced As Genuine News

    Online users shared a video claiming Oklahoma City McDonald's meat factory stored human meat in their freezers and trucks ready to be shipped nationwide. The one-minute thirty-nine-second video includes an overlay of text which reads, "Oklahoma City - First Horse meat, then the mysterious "pink slime," now human meat? A shocking discovery has been...

    • 3 days ago
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    News Reports On Mirabai's Chances Of Bagging Gold Medal 'If China's Hou Fails Doping Test' Are Misleading

    Days after Chanu Saikhom Mirabai won the silver medal in the 49kg women's weightlifting category at the Tokyo Olympics, news organisations reported that Mirabai stood a chance of bagging the Gold medal if China's Hou Zhihui failed a doping test. On 26 July, ANI reported that China's Hou Zhihui who won the gold medal in the...

    • 3 days ago
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    Weekly Wrap: A Look At The Different Claims Viral In India

    In the past week, Newschecker received claims related to Himachal Pradesh's Kinnaur district, French President Macron as a human wreath, COVID-19 vaccines, and LPG cylinder taxes. Additionally, Taiwan's Mazu pilgrimage video was falsely attributed to 'Victory Celebration In Italy' a while back on social media. Video Of Traffic Jam In Pakistan's Kaghan Valley...

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    Viral Image Of French President Macron As A Human Wreath Is Morphed

    Amid French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to French Polynesia this week, an image of him covered in garlands from top to knee with captions including 'human wreath' is circulating on social media platforms. The image shows Macron being greeted by official dignitaries and wearing a pile of garlands that fall to his knees. The image has been var embedId = {jw:...

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    Video Of Traffic Jam In Pakistan's Kaghan Valley Shared As 'Tourists Returning From Himachal Pradesh's Kinnaur'

    Around the time nine people lost their lives to a landslip in Himachal Pradesh's Kinnaur district, online users shared a video with captions stating that tourists have started returning from the mountain state. The video shows a massive traffic jam of vehicles on what looks like a mountain. One such var embedId = {jw: [],yt:...

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    Did Yediyurappa Say That "People Have Lost Faith In The Government"?

    The celebrations marking the second anniversary of the BJP run Karnataka government on July 26, 2021, saw the Chief Minister, B.S Yediyurappa announce his resignation. Considered to be the tallest BJP leader in the state, he became Chief Minister for the fourth time in 2019, after allegations of 'horse trading' & "resort politics" by the previous...

    • a week ago
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    US Supreme Court Has NOT Ruled That Vaccinated People Are Products Or Patented Goods

    Online users have claimed the US Supreme Court has ruled that vaccinated people are products, patented goods, and no longer human. One such user tweeted this claim with hashtag #transhuman and an image that reads, "BREAKING - In the US, the Supreme Court has ruled that vaccinated people worldwide are products, patented goods, according to US law, no longer...

    • 2 weeks ago
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    State Government's Do Not Levy 55% Tax on LPG Cylinders, Viral Message Is False

    Amid an increase in fuel prices, a message claiming that the Central government levies a 5% tax on LPG cylinders, while the State government charges a 55% tax has gone viral on Whatsapp and other social media platforms. Claim on State government's charging 55% tax on LPG cylinder The viral message shows a break-up of the basic price, dealer's...

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    Viral Landslide Video Attributed To Cloudburst In Dharamshala Is Actually From Japan's Atami City

    Online users shared a terrifying video of a landslide claiming it to be a cloudburst in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. The video shows a horrifying landslide tearing down buildings and electric poles on its way. On 12 July, a Twitter user shared this video with the caption, "Another frightful video of #cloudburst in #Mcleodganj...

    • 3 weeks ago