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Not jamming in the studio due to the pandemic has been difficult: K Zie

K zie

UK-based musician K Zie loves challenges. But the one he has been facing since the last year has been the toughest in his career so far.

Speaking about the pandemic and how the last one year has been for him as a musician, the 25-year-old says, "To be brutally honest it has been difficult. As artistes, we are used to recording/songwriting with so many different people and catching a vibe with other artistes/producers in the studio. So, not jamming in the studio due to the pandemic has been difficult and certainly affects your creativity. Not being able to perform at shows and meet your fans has been really upsetting and difficult. However, I am grateful that I am still here and have food on the table, a house to live in and be surrounded by my amazing family and friends."

K Zie adds that he managed to record and write a lot more new music during this time. Ask him if everyday situations and things happening around the world influence the way he writes and composes, and he says, "Absolutely! For me, I always try to incorporate emotions and concepts that have personally affected me or concepts that would resonate with the public, something that they can relate to."

While he looks up to several international music icons and makes western music, K Zie has a special liking for Bollywood music. "For me, Bollywood music is special. There is something in the melodies and instruments that are used in the Bollywood songs that grip you and make you feel alive. The sounds and vocals are so refreshing and always have such good energy," says K Zie.

The musician loves the way Hindi film music has evolved over the years. Comparing the evolution of Bollywood music to non-film music across the world, K Zie says, "There was a time when music was more traditional and that was reflected in both Bollywood as well as the mainstream sound. Then a few years later, EDM/dance became popular and literally every artiste was doing that, including Bollywood. Then rap took over and Bollywood incorporated the genre really well. These days you see a lot of old songs being remade in a way that makes them sound more pop and current."

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