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Sushant's therapist opens up about his mental health, receives massive backlash

Sushant Singh Rajput

In a recent interview with Barkha Dutt, late actor Sushant Singh Rajput's therapist Susan Walker has made some sensational claims about his mental health and is now receiving flak on social media. According to Susan, given the rumours about Sushant Singh Rajput, the accusations on Rhea Chakraborty and stigma around mental health, she has decided to speak on the matter

Walker told Barkha Dutt that during Sushant's difficult phase, Rhea was his strongest support. She claimed that Sushant was going through depression and bipolar disorder. Moreover, she felt obligated to speak about the issue because of the rumours and theories about something more nefarious being the origin of the case and accusations against Rhea. She revealed that she met Sushant and Rhea several times between the November and December of 2019 and conferred with Rhea once again in June.

Post the interview, Susan is being trolled heavily on social media for her statements and breaching client confidentiality. Vishal Kirti, the brother-in-law of Sushant Singh Rajput, has also responded to Susan's claims.

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Sushant Singh Rajput's Therapist Susan Walker reached out to @themojo_in & broke her silence. Says Media's irresponsible coverage on Mental Health dismayed her & made going public her "duty". Says Sushant "suffered from Bipolar Disorder" & "Rhea gave him courage to seek help"

- barkha dutt (@BDUTT)

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He questioned the authenticity of Sushant's diagnosis, which found him to be bipolar. He asked as to how was it possible for her to make a conclusion of a diagnosis, which would take an extremely long time, in just two months. He wrote that testing mental disorders is not easy and consumes a lot of time. Testing someone for bipolar disorder (I or II) takes even more time when compared to some of the other ones.

Vishal went to write that it requires the therapist to observe the person's behaviour vigilantly, for a long period of time, sometimes even six years. He wrote that Walker seems to have diagnosed Sushant effortlessly within two months and over a few appointments, which is rather exceptional.

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Ms Susan Walker #SushantSinghRajput was not Bipolar. You are not qualified to make that diagnosis & nor were you allowed to prescribe medication that #RheaChakroborty was giving him because You arnt a psychiatrist. It's a CRIME @shwetasinghkirt Di pls file a police complaint πŸ™

- Vikas Guppta (@lostboy54)

If I needed a therapist, I would stay away from people like Susan Walker who leak client information.. Thanks Barkha Dutt for helping us to know which therapist to stay away from.
This will in no way influence the campaign for #ArrestRheaChakraborty coz Susan Walker is not a dr

- Ekta . (@Triishaa05)

Hi Barkha..

Just wanted you to know that this video is a violation of section 23 and 24 of the Mental Health Care Act, 2017.

You can be sued for this.

Hope you're aware and have your legal team ready πŸ™‚

Good luck πŸ™‚#CBIForSSRHomicideCase #UddhavResignOrCBI4SSR

- π‘±π’–π’”π’•π’Šπ’„π’† 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝑺𝒖𝒔𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒕!! πŸ¦‹πŸŒ  (@ForTheWonderer)

Susan Walker is not a psychiatrist. She has a degree in Clinical Psychology, Master of Science, MSc. She is NOT A DOCTOR. She can't prescribe psychiatric pills.

- Madhubanti Chatterjee (@MadhubantiChat3)

Isn't this absolute violation of patient doctor confidentiality?

- Arnab Ray (@greatbong)

Whoever is claiming this bipolar story. Lemme ask, whether a bipolar person makes a to-do list mentioning meditation, workout, reading books etc( all positive stuffs). How much cash did this women take for spreading this lie! Absurd!#UddhavResignOrCBI4SSR

- JennyTweetsForSSR (@jenflylikeabird)

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