Wednesday, 07 Mar, 4.52 am Oddnaari

Believe it or not but Zara is now selling lungis for INR 8000

We Indians don't know our worth. For instance, we gave little importance to Ayurveda until it became an 'IT' thing thanks to foreign companies milling its benefits. Then we flocked to the gym, disregarding yoga as a form of exercise. However, once the West picked it up, we went running to buy yoga mats. Similarly, the traditional lungi finds no place in wardrobes of most people in the country. But, wait till they see the British flaunting their lungis in style. We bet this piece of garment will rock the fashion trends in India.

Wondering why on Earth British would ditch their denims and dresses to wear lungis ? Well, because popular fashion brand Zara will make them. Yup, the company has come up with the 'flowing skirt with draped detail in the front, slit detail at the hem. Zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam'. Don't look confused. What they mean is your dad's regular lungi.

But, that's not it. Wait till you hear the retail price. Now, when you go shopping for a lungi, all you need to do spend is around 300 bucks for a decent piece. But, Zara is offering it to customers at £69.99 (INR 8200 approx)!

Wait…what? A lungi for 8000 bucks. God!

Yes, it is an excellent choice for the summer months. It is free-flowing, provides ample of ventilation, it's perfect for dry, humid seasons. But, 8000! Man, you can buy thousands of lungis for that price in India.

Thankfully some people have realized how overpriced it is and they are busy tweeting better options. In case you want to take a look at the 'precious lungis' you can visit Zara's UK online store. Meanwhile, enjoy what the Twitterati have to say about it:

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