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Print Media Most Credible Source Of News: Survey

Mumbai: The print media may have suffered a setback during the coronavirus pandemic but it has emerged as the most credible media vehicle for news over other traditional and digital media platforms, according to a survey by the media consulting firm Ormax Media.

It also puts to the rest the assumptions that traditional media is losing its credibility faster and that digital news will hold an edge over traditional media.

Credibility on the news credibility index

Print media 62%

Radio 57%

TV news 56%

Fake News
61% news consumers see fake news.

"Concerns related to fake news have been a topic of discussion globally, as well as in India, and the problem of fake news seems to be getting bigger with every passing month," Shailesh Kapoor, founder & CEO, Ormax Media was quoted as saying by Economic Times.

"I have no doubt that print will continue to be the most credible media for many more years to come. When you see it in print, it's the most curated and verified reporting. Which is why people wait for the newspaper to confirm what they have read on digital or social media," said Sivakumar Sundaram, chairman, executive committee, BCCL. "In India, newspapers are not merely a provider of news, but an integral part of our everyday life," he was further quoted as saying by ET.

TV news should be at par with print news but it isn't and that's turning out to be "a big problem" for TV, he told ET.

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