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  • Covid19

    Is it monsoon-related fever or COVID-19? Know the difference

    One sneeze, cough or even the slightest temperature seems like a COVID alarm these days after the second wave of coronavirus. While it is good to be cautious about these symptoms, don't forget this monsoon season can also be responsible for the changes in your body. Monsoons are generally associated with infections and diseases, mainly because of the change in weather, drop in...

    • 9 hrs ago
  • Lifestyle

    Easy to cook snacks for you to gorge on during work from home

    Remote working has now become a new normal and so is the cravings for spicy light snacks every now and then while we sit for hours glued to our computer screens. It often happens that we run out of snacks and have to spend a lot of money on market-prepared snacks. How about a plan that helps you save that money and have freshly prepared healthy snacks?Also Read: Short workweek a...

    • 10 hrs ago
  • Lifestyle

    Turmeric for skin? Do not make these common mistakes

    We all prefer natural and organic products when it comes to skincare and turmeric is one of the magical ingredients for all the amazing natural skin care remedies. However, anything, even turmeric, when used in excess and without proper research, gives you opposite results. So, when it concerns your skin, every piece of information is consumed with a pinch of salt. Here, we are listing some...

    • 11 hrs ago
  • Lifestyle

    List of skincare products must for monsoon

    Monsoons might be our favourite time of the year thanks to gorgeous views, beautiful drizzles, and the chai and snacks that follow, but for our skin, it might not be the case. Our skin suffers badly due to humidity and sweat in the rainy season and needs extra care to combat that. The best way to ensure that is the usage of skin-related specified products. The rainy season tends to make our skin extra...

    • 12 hrs ago
  • Lifestyle

    India to host couture fashion week from August 24-29

    The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) has scheduled the second, digital edition of the India Couture Week 2021, from August 24-29, 2021. Archana Aggarwal Timeless Jewellery is the jewellery partner this year.Also Read: A lesson designer Rahul Mishra learned from his 4-year-oldThe 14th edition of the event will see captivating showcases by the country's top couturiers from Amit...

    • 14 hrs ago
  • Lifestyle

    Annoying habits that define every Indian friendship

    Did you know that National Friendship Day was originally a marketing strategy for Hallmark Cards in the early 1930? Joyce Hall, founder of Hallmark Cards assigned a particular day to celebrate people that were closest to you and mattered the most. In the year 1935, the United States Congress announced that the first Sunday of every August will be an official holiday to celebrate our loved ones....

    • 16 hrs ago
  • Lifestyle

    These tips will help you get acne-free skin in monsoons

    One of the most delightful seasons of the year, the monsoon, is here and as much as we enjoy its showers and breezes, it might not be the favourite period for our skin, especially the ones with oily skin texture. Adverse humidity, moisture and insects active in the rainy season can lead to acne and various skin infections. Thus, you need to be very careful of what we apply on our face and...

    • yesterday
  • Lifestyle

    Space geeks assemble!!! ISRO launches theme-based T-shirts, toys

    Theme-based merchandise programme of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was formally launched on Thursday with the selection of the first batch of nine registered ISRO merchandisers, reports PTI.Releasing a statement, ISRO said that customised products will create awareness and kindle interest of the students, children and public, in the domain of space science and...

    • yesterday
  • Lifestyle

    Ice, the best skincare secret

    When it comes to skincare we all give special attention and always look for beauty secrets for flawless skin. Well, you do not need fancy products, just an ice cube is enough to treat all your problems. Ice for glowing skin: When you apply ice on your face it soothes inflammation. It reduces tiredness, improves blood flow, and brightens your complexion, which gives an instant glow. It is the best skincare secret for...

    • yesterday
  • Lifestyle

    Amenorrhea: Causes, symptoms, types and more

    As much as we hate it, a regular menstrual cycle is an indicator of women's good health. Menstruation is a hormonal process that occurs in women every 21-35 days. It usually lasts for 5-7 days and in this period women experience menstrual blood flow, cramps, and nausea. The symptoms may differ in women. While is completely natural with certain lifestyle changes, medications, underlying conditions,...

    • 2 days ago