Sunday, 06 Jan, 6.53 am Orissa POST

Assuming it to be snake, man breaks wife's leg

Melbourne: Occasionally things are out of our understanding. In such situation, nothing is under our control. Something similar has been reported from Melbourne.

In a bizarre incident, an unnamed person, broke his wife's leg assuming it to be snakes. He took a bat and hit on the woman's leg, assuming it to be snake as she was wearing socks that looked like a snake.

It was too late before he understood his name. His wife is now in the hospital where she is undergoing treatment.

Actually, when this person entered the bedroom, he saw two snakes on his bed. Without delay, his took his baseball bat and attacked those snakes. After some time, he came to know that those were not snakes but his wife's legs.

The socks that the woman was wearing resembled that of a snake. The woman had stockings looking like a snake (long socks) and she was sleeping on the bed. Her feet were pulled out of the sheet.

As soon as the husband entered the room, he felt that there were two snakes on the bed. He attacked with a baseball bat, without delay. He stopped after his wife's screams only to see that her legs were broken.


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