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Birthday boy Aamir Khan kept his first marriage secret from his family

Mumbai: Hindi film industry's 'Mr. Perfectionist' Aamir Khan is celebrating his 55th birthday 14 March.

Aamir is counted among those actors of Hindi cinema, with whom every actor is eager to work with. Aamir made his debut in the Hindi film industry with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak in 1988.

From the very first film, Aamir's life took a U-turn and he never looked back.

Very few people know that Aamir had given his heart away to his first wife Reena Dutta even before he debuted in films. Aamir's madness had increased to such an extent that once he wrote a letter to Reena with his blood. After Aamir's dangerous move, Reena asked him to never repeat it again.

Aamir and Reena both came from different religions due to which there were many problems in their relationship. Overcoming the hurdles, they got married in the year 1986. It is said that Aamir and Reena kept their marriage secret from their families. When the couple got married, Reena was still a student.

When the marriage was disclosed, Aamir's family accepted Reena. After a few years of marriage, news of a rift between Reena and Aamir started buzzing in the corridors of the Hindi film industry. It is believed that Preity Zinta was the reason behind this.

Aamir and Preity Zinta were working together in the film Dil Chahta Hai and rumours of an affair between them were rife . According to some reports, Reena was also staying away from Aamir due to Preity. Later, Preity denied all such rumours.

After this, everything went well between Aamir and Reena, but soon after, Aamir's name was associated with Kiran Rao.

When Aamir decided to marry Kiran, Reena was deeply shocked by this but could not do anything to stop it from happening. Eventually, Aamir and Kiran settled for a divorce.

On 28 December 2005, Aamir married Kiran, who had been an assistant director to Ashutosh Gowariker during the filming of Lagaan. 5 December 2011, the couple announced the birth of their son, Azad Rao Khan, through a surrogate mother.

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