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Lockdown effect: Time for busy parents to bond with kids say Odisha doctors

Bhubaneswar: At a time when the lockdown in Odisha is keeping children isolated from the outside world, experts have said that the time should be used to build up family bonding. They have also said that this is the period when children can develop their health even at home.

Government officials, doctors and psychologists have said that the lockdown is going to affect human beings especially children as their physical growth is certain to be hampered due to less of outdoor activities. They have emphasised that parents will have to play a crucial role in these times to maintain the physical and mental well being of the children.

'The physical development of children is now restricted due to the lockdown as they are now unable to play outdoor games. Under such a situation, the role of parents magnifies. Parents and senior members of the family are now required to spend more time with them and assist them in a healthy routine,' Dr Suvendu Mishra, a psychiatrist from the capital city told Orissa POST.

Dr Mishra also advised parents to shun the constant use of cell phones and concentrate on children and their activities. He opined that this is the right time to inculcate good habits among the kids. 'Parents should help their kids remain active by engaging them in indoor games like chess, carom, ludo and a few others. Parents can make a daily routine for their kids and allocate specific timings for exercise, study and games,' Dr Mishra added.

The government has been the first to agree that the lockdown can affect people psychologically, including children. The chief spokesperson for the Odisha government on coronavirus, Subroto Bagchi has spoken on this issue. 'Due to the imposed lockdown psychological issues are likely as the social affiliation in such a situation may get a break,' Bagchi stated.

Another reputed psychiatrist from the city Dr Amrit Pattojoshi is of the opinion that this is period to develop habits like reading books, exercising and playing new forms of indoor games. 'Then children will not suffer from anxiety and psychological problems,' stated Pattojoshi.

While many parents in the city are not allowing their kids to go out and visit crowded places, many apartment and housing societies have also implemented rules not to allow the kids to converge at the common playing ground to avoid any chance of spread of coronavirus during the lockdown.


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