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5 filmy proposals you’ll never forget

What does it take to go down on a knee and ask for the hand of the one you love? Apparently, a lot of creativity, wackiness and total filmi andaaz. Check out these 5 romantics who made their day even more special with filmy proposals:

1. Neeti & Shriprakash: Potterhead Neeti thought her boyfriend of two years, Sriprakash was gifting her the latest Harry Potter book for her birthday. Instead, she was surprised when they met at a café for the celebratory dinner. She opened the hardbound book to see a square cut-out of the pages just at the chapter of 'unbreakable vow' and a platinum ring nestling within. Sri's friends, who were in on the secret, barged into the café soon as a choked up Neeti nodded her approval.

2. Sohini & Nilesh: Sohini wanted to turn the gender tables by popping the question to Nilesh when they visited the Taj Mahal together. She was all prepared by asking someone to record the occasion. As soon as Sohini said she had something important to say, Nilesh said he had something to say too. The two bickered about who would go first? Eventually, both brought out the rings from their pockets to make their Taj visit a special one! Needless to say, the proposal was dutifully recorded on the camera!

3. Sahiba & Darsh: Darsh and Sahiba had been together for three years but he knew she was reluctant to take their relationship to the next level because of their community backgrounds. Darsh's family, however, was super keen to have Sahiba in the family fold. During a wedding in the family where Sahiba was invited, Darsh's fam used the sangeet ceremony to stage a flash mob, complete with filmy theatricals. At the end of the song, the entire family was down on their knees, and a teary Sahiba was only too happy to accept!

4. Amala & Dipankar: Amala is an avid marathoner, Dipankar is not. But the 26-year-old banker secretly trained for nearly one year and one morning joined Amala on the annual marathon run. An impressed Amala watched Dipankar complete the run. When they both met, exhausted, at the finish line, Amala held out a hand to Dipankar to help him get up. That's when he fished out the diamond ring from his pocket. A touched Amala couldn't hold back her tears!

5. Neha & Kevin: Kevin and Neha had been together for four years but Kevin hadn't got the wit yet to propose to his love. Actor Vaani Kapoor and Samsung decided to play Cupid by recreating their first Diwali party where he first realized his true feelings for her. All Kevin had was a picture of the party at his friend's bachelor pad. Vaani and Samsung recreated the party exactly the way it was, with the same ambiance, same clothes, and the same friends were also invited who were let in on the secret.

Vaani put the Samsung Galaxy A70s' 64MP Rear Triple Camera to great use. Using the Hyperlapse mode, she recorded the guests entering the party. When Neha entered, she was overwhelmed by the attention to detail that went into the preparation. Vaani switched to Super Slow-mo to capture this special moment where Kevin was inviting Neha to the terrace. She made use of the Super Steady Mode while following them around making sure the videos are not shaky. When all was said and done, she finally shifted to the Night Mode to click cute pictures of the couple. The Night Mode gave some super bright pictures even in the dark.

Needless to say, each emotional moment was perfectly lovingly captured on the Samsung Galaxy A70s' 64MP Rear Triple Camera!

Kevin & Neha now hold the recreated memory of a very dear moment of their lives that they recaptured with Vaani and Samsung.

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