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Perfect Recapture
Reconnect and recapture memorable moments with Samsung Galaxy A70s

Who doesn’t love birthdays, especially when they’re a milestone? There’s an entirely different charm to them that just doesn’t fade away and long after the day is over, you’re left wanting for more. Be it your Sweet 16 or the much-anticipated 18th, there’s enough reason to celebrate. Graduation is another landmark event that rightly deserves the attention it gets. Similarly, a wedding gives you some rich moments to capture and cherish for a lifetime.

Given the fast-paced life we live today, with no time to even breathe, freezing these moments in a photograph can be our only way to time travel and savour memories, people and reactions again later. How you wish you could? As they say, a photograph or a video is the best way to preserve precious moments for eternity.

Here’s how a modern smartphone can help

Think about what you’d like to record and remember for future and put together your own list! Times you want to be able to look back on and fondly reminisce those even after days, months and years. Create more events – your puppy’s first day out? Your little one’s first drawing? Your first five years at work? Your sibling’s enrolment in a University that’s in another country or another state? Your 30th birthday when you can invite everyone – from your family doctor to school-teachers to thank them for making you ‘you’? The first car you bought for your dad?

Plan events that can help you celebrate these. Could be as simple as treating your dear ones to cup-cakes and cola.

Remember that you may have great ideas, executing them can be quite challenging without the right smartphone. What if we were to tell you that such a phone actually does exist?

Presenting the Samsung Galaxy A70s, with unmatched features that will change the way you reconnect and capture the most memorable moments. Get the perfect recapture with the 64MP Triple Rear Camera. Coupled with the Scene Optimizer which is part of the Alive Camera feature on Galaxy A70s, the camera can recognise up to 30 popular subjects to add brilliance to every shot. The phone’s 123 Degree Ultra Wide Mode allows you to fit everything you see into the same frame, which means you can now capture wider. If you’re taking a video, it’s only natural that you have more movement to deal with, and this is where the phone’s Super Steady Video feature stands out. Shoot professional-grade, shake-free videos with the new Galaxy A70s and create lasting memories.

If you’re celebrating through the evening with your loved ones, don’t let the lack of light deter you from getting the most amazing photos. The stunning phone camera offers you a Night Mode to record every moment perfectly even in really low light conditions. 


Your phone should offer you an engaging immersive experience, and the Samsung Galaxy A70s doesn’t disappoint. The new and improved 6.7” FHD+ sAMOLED Infinity-U Display elevates your viewing experience to an entirely different level, helping you create lasting memories your style, your way.

The phone is also integrated with Samsung Pay that is the perfect alternative to your wallet. Right from net banking to day-to-day payments, all can now be done with just a tap.

Visit the link and get prepared to turn heads with the 3D Prism Design of the Samsung Galaxy A70s and make every moment even more memorable. It also gets you a free Bluetooth earphone worth Rs.1,999/-. 

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