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Perfect Recapture
Set a benchmark with your proposal for a Perfect Recapture

All of us experience love at least once in our lifetime, don’t we? Love gives everything a rosy hue and suddenly, there’s a spring in the step and a twinkle in the eyes. The warm and fuzzy feeling that makes everything look blurry is a common side-effect of this thing called love; yet what differs is the way we express it! Most of us will agree that there is no one standard way to profess love to that special someone.

If you are one of those who are planning to pop the big question to your beloved sometime soon, get some inspiration to express your feelings right here:

Destination Proposal

Gone are the days of proposing over a meal or slipping a ring into a bouquet for your loved one to find. Some of the current cool trends are planning a weekend getaway, popping the question at a famous landmark. All you need is a spot that resonates with you and your partner and is perfect enough to allow you to kneel on your knees. Keeping a Samsung Galaxy A70s handy is the perfect way to capture these special moments in a true to life form with its 64MP Rear Triple Camera. There are tonnes of cheat sheets on the internet to help you plan a flawless trip that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

A Creative Scavenger Hunt

Meticulously planning a scavenger hunt with your friends involved, can be a surprise in the real sense of the term. Make your proposal fun and adventurous by hiding clues in and around your beloved’s favourite places – could be nooks in his or her house or at a destination everyone involved is familiar with. The final clue can be your way to pop the question. Not only does this trick guarantee excitement but also adds a lot of sentimental value. Anticipate animated expressions, wide grins, the feeling of victory unveiled with every clue.

Recreating the magical first date

Think back to when you had first met your partner. Was it at work, or an introduction by mutual friends? This is one moment you’re unlikely to ever forget.

Take Kevin and Neha, for instance. After some deliberation, Kevin realised that one of his most special memories with Neha was their first Diwali together. What better than recreating the same magical evening four years later, to ask Neha to be by his side forever? To make things smoother for Kevin, the gorgeous Vaani Kapoor stepped in with her Samsung Galaxy A70s. Its Super Slow-mo mode allowed them to carefully capture every special moment in slow motion. The Super Steady Mode captured all the movements shake-free and smooth. As the moment finally arrived, a picture of the happy couple was taken using Night Mode, and amidst all the cheering and Vaani and Kevin got the perfect recapture. Clearly, it was a happy Diwali for all! We have to admit, Kevin’s proposal to Neha is one of the most innovative and romantic ones we’ve come across!

Hidden Proposal Photography

With premeditated wedding trends like pre-wedding photography, engagement photography, etc. there’s no reason why proposal photography should not be a part of the list! The only hack to make it work is by keeping your photographer friend hidden. When you bend on your knees to ask the big question the reactions on your beloved’s face are going to be priceless and worth a capture. Every moment, right from the time you meet at the spot, to building up the moment, and till you finally ask the question, has to be clicked for an intriguing album. This is why we trust Samsung Galaxy A70s. It’s Alive Camera has two features that can be put to perfect use for these occasions – Scene Optimiser and Best Shot.

Make it yours!

Take your viewing experience to a whole new level with the new and improved 6.7’’ FHD+ sAMOLED Infinity-U Display. Be it a recapture of a special memory or cherishing new moments, you know you want to make them yours! Go on, gift yourself the joy of immersive viewing with the Samsung Galaxy A70s this festive season and also get a free Bluetooth earphone worth Rs. 1,999/.

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