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    Choosing The Economy Over The Environment?

    "Wait a minute," he almost shouted, "the world population has grown. Without economic growth, people would starve." The lockdown during the pandemic had made him edgy. After all the economic activity he was used to had all stopped for several months. With no revenues, the expenses seemed like a drain on his wealth. He had been quick at relieving most of his staff, arguing that...

    • a week ago
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    Blind To Feedback By Proxy

    The idea of a culture that willfully blinded itself to feedback was unbelievable. Gaya's research had taken everyone by shock. She had highlighted that the Thearans did not interact to serve the purposes for which they came together unless it benefitted them individually. Furthermore, they measured the benefit in terms of something that was totally unrelated to the purpose of the relationship for which they had...

    • 4 weeks ago
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    Blind To Feedback By Design

    Gaya's insights into the extraordinary dominance of Thearans on Thear and its consequences had created quite a stir on the first day of the conference. She had highlighted that it was their disrespect for feedback - the information we use to in our interactions with anyone or anything to act with care and respect of the relationship - that had resulted in their extraordinary dominance. Gaya had shared that...

    • a month ago
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    Blind To Feedback

    Gaya was presenting her research on Thear. Thear was the only planet they had found where a single species had come to occupy more than three quarters of the planet. The Thearans had wiped out more than 70 percent of its species in just 50 years. The Thearans advanced their dominance by even destroying more than 90 percent freshwater habitats, that were essential to maintain the water cycle, vital to their own survival. The...

    • 2 months ago