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    Public Interest-The Purpose Of A Government

    There had been so much talk about privatisation. More than half of the public sector companies were soon going to be up for sale for private bidders. The other half were creating projects that had private participation. They called them as PPP projects. Short for public-private-participation. Those for the privatization had argued about how privatization will bring efficiency. They had argued how...

    • 4 days ago
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    #VinitasPune: Covid Cases On The Decline In Pune- Hope This Is For Real!

    Pune has been among the worst hot spots for Corona cases for the past four to five months, overtaking Mumbai and at times, every metro city across the country. That was until end of September. Suddenly, we hear of dip in cases since the first week of October. Is this for real? Pune was raging with Coronavirus cases, making it one of the prime hot spots of the country....

    • a week ago
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    #VinitasPune: The Oddity Of Social Interaction In Today's World

    The inherent desire within us to socialise has come to a grinding halt, thanks to this pandemic. Abundant caution and worry is the new norm. Entering crowded malls, walking briskly through scores of people in public parks, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder at public functions and theatres, hugging, laughing and dancing with joy with friends - all of these activities were...

    • 2 weeks ago
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    The Game

    Gaya had heard about the planet of Thear. Thear pronounced like tear. Thear was light years away, somewhere in the place they called as the solar system. As a Professor of intergalactic customs and culture she had studied dozens of cultures across as many planets. However, the idea of making first connection with Thear was both exciting and chilling because she had heard a lot of stories about the strange customs of Thearens. Her...

    • 3 weeks ago
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    Pune Rivers- Classic Example Of Civic Apathy And Neglect

    The civic authorities have been facing flak for the past few decades for the haphazard release of untreated sewage into the Mula-Mutha Rivers despite expensive Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). The situation is worse than it seems and has caught the attention and irked the National Green Tribunal too. The Mula-Mutha Rivers that cut through the heart of Pune should have ideally worn the...

    • 4 weeks ago
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    The Parts Do Not Make Up The Whole

    On May 23, 1977, the then US President, Jimmy Carter, commissioned a one-year study of the probable changes in the world's population, natural resources, and environment through the end of the century. Dr. Gerald Barney, the Director of the study, presented his findings in a three-volume report Global 2000. This remains the only global study commissioned by a head of a national government on the...

    • a month ago
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    It Takes Little To Make The Ordinary Life Extraordinary

    When life gets thrown at us, a day at a time, we usually experience the ordinary. When we interact with each other, or talk to colleagues, we do little out of the ordinary. When we interact with our teachers, our students, our service providers, our employers, our representatives, or our governments we rarely experience the extraordinary. Nothing in life is mandatory. It is a choice....

    • 2 months ago
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    #VinitasPune: Don't Our Medical Warriors Deserve Better?

    While lighting of diyas, beating of thalis and doing a fly past by our Indian Air Force planes to symbolically appreciate and recognise the relentless work of our doctors in these trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic is fine, but on ground, the treatment meted out to this same medical fraternity, is one of untold trauma, in more ways than one. An insight. Early this week, a news report...

    • 2 months ago
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    #SystemsSpeak: Here's How We Can Design Our Future

    I am often asked how we can design our future and change the state of our world. Start with words, I often respond to a perplexed audience. Yes, I need to explain. Words carry our thoughts and visions to expression. Our expression evokes feeling. When words expressing our visions evoke feeling, they provide us the will to act. Our acts, sustained by our will, shape the world we live in....

    • 2 months ago
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    #VinitasPune: Citizens Campaign To Save Pune's Hills, But Is It Already Too Late?

    The ghastly Malin tragedy in 2014 where the entire village was flattened due to a landslide, caused due to illegal hill cutting and the mother-daughter who were washed away in Katraj in 2013 for the same reason have not been erased from citizens' memories but the powers-that-be ensure that no lessons are learnt. Last fortnight, a citizen with a twitter...

    • 2 months ago