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Ayushmann Khurrana: Song found the right place to be featured

Taking a break from his duties before the camera, Ayushmann Khurrana returned to his place behind the mic for wife Tahira Kashyap. The actor lent his voice to a track from Kashyap's directorial offering, Feels Like Ishq, the latest anthology series of Netflix that features six love sagas.

Kinni soni has been composed and written by the actor and his college friends, Sameer Kaushal and Gurpreet Saini. "It is a sweet, romantic song that found the right place to be featured in. Quaranteen Crush [Kashyap's film] is set in Chandigarh amid the pandemic. I had the initial tune in mind, which I elaborated on with my friend Sameer, while Gurpreet contributed to the lyrics," says the actor.

Tracing the emotions encountered during love at first sight, the track, he says, sheds light on teenage romance "It depicts the innocence of love. Quaranteen Crush shows a world where everything seems beautiful."

With Khurrana and Kashyap having found love in each other at a young age, creating this offering today was evidently "magical". "I love exploring new things, and with Tahira by my side, it becomes beautiful. We share a great companionship at work, and I feel privileged to contribute to her film. We're able to connect and communicate with each other well, and that enriched the entire process. The most memorable part of this journey was working with her. I used to have similar jamming sessions with my friends and Tahira, 15 years ago. The process made me nostalgic."

Despite the success he has achieved as an actor, Khurrana finds himself returning to composition and writing so often that he refuses to categorise himself as an actor alone. "I like to think of myself as an artiste, one who belongs everywhere - be it in front of the camera, or behind it. It isn't something I have done for the first time because I've made music many times in the past. Also, working with your loved ones is always preferred."

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