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Aamir Khan reveals why Ram Gopal Varma removed a scene with Jackie Shroff in Rangeela

Rangeela is one of the most iconic films in bollywood which changed the way we looked at female protagonists. The film completed 25 glorious years . Recently Aamir Khan also recalled how Ram Gopal Varma had removed a scene that showed conflict between Jackie Shroff's character and his.

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"If you remember the original script, it had this one sequence in the second half and that is where I used to tell you that I have a problem. There was a sequence where I come to Goa where they are shooting, Kamal Jee and Mili, and she falls into the water and she starts to drown and Kamal Jee is just looking at her. He's the closest to her but he doesn't jump in to save her. Munna sees this, and he jumps in and saves her and then he comes up and yells at Kamal Jee." said Amir

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