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'Anupamaa' September 25, 2021, Written Update: Anuj's Car Breaks Down En Route Airport

Anupamaa September 25, 2021, episode begins with Anu praying to God to take care of her home and her work as well. She then seeks Bapuji's blessings but as she walks towards Baa, the latter refuses to bless her. Bapuji then insists Baa bless Anu to which she does half-heartedly. Meanwhile, Samar arrives and tells Anu that the auto has arrived. Anu informs Kinjal that she has cooked food for them and even prepared tiffin for Pakhi. As Anu prepares to leave, Toshu taunts her by asking if Anuj sent a car for her. Anu then replies that Anuj is her business partner more than her friend.

Anupamaa September 25, 2021, written update:

Vanraj wishes good luck to Anu

Vanraj then says good luck to Anu to which the latter says that it would have been better if he wished her by heart. Later, Samar says that he will drop Anu at the airport to which the latter denies and says that she will go alone. Even Bapuji backs her while Kavya taunts by telling her to have fun with Anuj to which Anu says that she will. On the other hand, Anuj's car breaks down in the middle of the road. He then gets worried about Anu as she does not have any idea about how to board a flight. Anuj then begins to run towards the airport. Meanwhile, Anu leaves for the airport in the auto and gets excited for her first journey on a plane.

Anu gives a lift to Anuj

As Anu is en route to the airport, she spots Anuj running on the road to which she stops and asks her what happened. Anuj forms her about his car after which Anu gives a lift to him in the auto. On the other hand, some ladies from the neighbourhood ask Baa about where Anu went. Baa feels that they are taunting her so she yells at them and leaves. Meanwhile, Samar arrives and tells everyone that Anu slipped at the airport and asked them to guess what she was worried about. Vanraj then says that she must be worried about her sandals. He then gets conscious about behaving normally and walks away. Later, Bapuji says that Vanraj wants to be happy about Anu but he restricts himself. Meanwhile, Anuj and Anu get into the plane and the latter is mesmerised to see how amazing the plane looks from the inside. Later, as she struggles to put on her seatbelt, a man makes fun of her to which Anuj stares at him and makes him apologise for his comment.

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