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Camping Vs Glamping: Pros And Cons That'll Help You Choose The Best Way To Travel

Camping is basically embracing the adventure and uncertainty of nature with a sporting spirit and reminiscing the entire experience years down the memory lane as "one big adventure." Camping is also called "Traditional Camping." Traditional because no matter how fast and quickly times change, camping and its rules have managed to stay the same (with minor variations), golden and much celebrated even today. Glamping, on the other hand, is Glamour Camping, which is a subtle mix of a luxurious stay right in the raw and pure beauty of nature. Pradeep Singh Choudhary, Co-Founder, Moonstone Hammock lists the advantages and disadvantages of camping and glamping.

Accessibility and Effort:

In terms of requirements and effort, Camping would be a big no to some whereas an exciting yes to others. The basic checklist for setting up a tent is a tent (obviously), a preferably smooth patch of grass, the patience to set up a bonfire and cook. While these basics craft a memorable camping experience to adventure seekers, it is just too much effort and fuss to those looking for comfort and luxury.

Speaking of comfort and luxury, Glamping is much accessible and considerably smooth experience. The main catch is that this concept provides a camping experience adorned with amenities like a made-up, spacious tent, a decent bed, a fan and even food! As a result, this is ideal for those who are on a quest unravel a comfortable camping experience. However, Traditional Camping raises the bar when it comes to experiencing the thrill, adventure and an "on-the-edge" feeling.

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The Fun Quotient:

Most camping organisations are providing people with an array of camping options that primarily include Camping and Glamping which are further bifurcated into Water Tents a.k.a. Floating Tents, Ground Tents, etc. The underlying idea is to offer people a perfect weekend getaway with their loved ones in the lap of nature. This is where these concepts - Camping and Glamping intersect. Camping organisations have crafted a unique camping experience but the "fun factor" remains the same for both - memorable and enthralling. People can indulge in activities like Kayaking, movie screening, barbecue, live music, games, innovative workshops, etc.

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While some want to disconnect from the chaos of the outside world completely, others want to enjoy the best of both worlds - luxury and nature. For the former category, the go-to solution is camping. For the latter, the remedy is glamping. Those who camp have to sleep on the ground - in the lap of nature quite literally. It all depends upon the kind of experience one wants. Amenities are quite limited in camping whereas, in glamping, everything right from a plug to charge your phone to a comfortable bed is provided.

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Camping is considerably cheaper as compared to glamping. This is because of the services, the location and the arrangements. However, some camping organisations charge quite reasonably with a minor difference between the rates of these two camping concepts wherein the charge is not only for the tents but also for an experience of a kind. Just like they say, every coin has two sides, camping and glamping, both, have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It entirely depends upon the kind of indulgence a person seeks.

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