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Doug Hurley's Net Worth: Know The Celebrated NASA Astronaut's Salary & Other Details

Astronaut Doug Hurley is all set to launch off to the International Space Station along with astronaut Bob Behnken with the Demo-2 Crew Dragon launch. Doug Hurley has been serving in NASA since 2000 and is a veteran of two spaceflights. Hurley was the pilot for STS-127 and STS-135 and he will also be piloting the Dragon Crew spacecraft.

Before joining NASA, Doug Hurley served in the US Marine Corps where he reached to the rank of colonel. As Doug Hurley embarks to one of the most historic space launches in recent years, space enthusiasts have reportedly been interested in knowing about the astronaut's life with regards to his lifestyle, net worth and salary. Read below to know about astronaut Doug Hurley's net worth.

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Doug Hurley's net worth details

The details about Doug Hurley's net worth have not been made public by the astronaut himself but have been reported through various sources. As per reports, Doug Hurley has a net worth ranging from $1-$5 million in 2019. Whereas the astronaut's net worth was previously reported to be $1-$3 million in 2018.

Doug's primary source of income is reportedly his profession of being an astronaut in NASA and he does not have any other financial sources. As per reports, the astronaut has a yearly salary of over $100 thousand. Hurley also spoke to a leading news daily recently where he revealed that he is honoured to be a part of the SpaceX-NASA program which is launching American rockets from the American soil after a gap of almost ten years.

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Hurley, who is 53 years old grew up in Apalachin, New York outside Binghamton. He has received a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the Tulane University. During his first mission to space, Hurley assisted in delivering two new components to the International Space Station (ISS) including replacement parts, water and hardware. Whereas during his second mission, Hurley was a part of a similar mission where new components were delivered to ISS but also tested a robotic refuelling mechanism and brought back a failed ammonia pump module to NASA for examination.

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