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Google's AI Solves 50-year-old Protein Problem, Discovers 3D Structures Of 20,000 Proteins

Google's DeepMind is getting a lot of attention after its AI solves a 50-year-old protein problem. DeepMind is basically an AI subsidiary of Alphabet, which is well-known as the parent company of Google. Their AI feature has now managed to predict the 3-D structures of nearly all 20,000 proteins expressed by humans. This has been one of the most talked-about topics in the tech community for a long time now. The users have been searching on the Internet about Google's AI to get more information about it. So here is all the information on DeepMind.

Google's DeepMind solves a 50-year-old protein problem

The makers of DeepMind had been working towards understanding the basic biological machinery of proteins through their architecture. Their DeepMind AI has managed to strip bare the structures of proteins which had got the leading scientists baffled for decades. With this Google AI, the makers are planning to create a database of nearly all 20,000 human protein structures and make it available to use online. An independent benchmark test was also taken for this feature which said that the program is able to identify the shape of a protein to a good standard 95% of the time. The makers have partnered with European Molecular Biology Laboratory's European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) to develop a service that can help figure out how life works at an atomic scale.

The AI program is called AlphaFold and it was already announced to the world back in 2020 at the biennial "protein Olympics". During this event, the participants were given the amino acid sequences for about 100 proteins and were challenged to work on them.This AlphaFold AI managed to dominate all the programs that were available at the protein Olympics in no time. Apart from this, Google's Alphabet INC has recently confirmed that they will soon launch their new company that will be known as Intrinsic. The main objective behind this company is to focus on releasing new robotic software and projects related to artificial intelligence. Since it was purchased by Google, it has been coming up with some interesting innovations. Thus, seeing something like AlphaFold from a company like Alphabet is not surprising at all.

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