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Health Minister Harsh Vardhan Lists Measures Taken To Curb Coronavirus Spread In Lok Sabha

On Monday, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan addressed the Parliament on the situation of Coronavirus in the country, elaborating extensively on the measures taken by the Indian Government to control the epidemic. According to reports, the coronavirus death toll in China has now reached 908 with 3,052 additional cases confirmed by health authorities taking the overall number of cases to 40,171. It has also spread globally to multiple countries, with 3 positive cases in Kerala.

Dr Harsh Vardhan addressed the seriousness of the situation stating that the WHO had declared the outbreak "a public health emergency of international concern." He also revealed how a number of details regarding the novel disease that are still unknown including the functioning of the virus and the time frame that it works in.

"After a person is infected with the disease, it takes nearly 14 days for the symptoms to hit in. There are 10-20% cases that are serious enough for the person to be on a ventilator because of pneumonia, 2% cases show the possibility of death," he said.

Need active involvement of all Ministries

Addressing the measures taken by the Union Government, he said, "Till now 3 positive cases have emerged in Kerala. All had its roots from Wuhan. They have been kept in isolation and they are reported to be stable. Seeing the strength of the disease it is important not only for the Health Ministry but all government departments to take strong steps in controlling the epidemic."

"The Government has taken multiple efforts in tackling the epidemic as well as keeping it in control. We have also built a GoM including EAM Jaishankar. Apart from that every day we are conducting video conferences with other countries," added the Health Minister.

According to the Ministry, a total of 9452 persons are currently under community surveillance in India. The screening of passengers is now on at all 21 airports, International Seaports and border crossings. 1818 flights and 1,97,192 passengers have been screened so far across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata airports amongst others.

"We have also taken multiple measures to rescue Indian nationals and others from China as well. Air India's flight on January 31 and February 1 flew to Wuhan to airlift over 600 Indians and 7 Maldives nationals to save them from the disease. I would like to extend my gratitude to the aircrew and the para-medical staff of the flight who took up such a brave challenge."

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