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Iconic Image Of Distant Spiral Galaxy Intrigues Researchers About Its Vast Magnetic Field

New image of NGC 4217, a galaxy 67 million light-years from the Milky Way has shown that while most galaxies can appear nice and tidy, some of them come in a multitude of sizes and shapes.

According to reports, the latest image show NGC 4217 has a vast and complex magnetic field that stretches 22,500 light-years into space around it. Researchers hope that these new images of NGC 4217 will help them understand galactic magnetic fields a little better and the knowledge will help them unfold mysteries of distant galaxies.

Galaxy with a large magnetic field

A magnetic field is a form of invisible force that is exerted on particles that are magnetically sensitive. While magnetic fields are invisible, they're surely detectable. As per reports, NGC 4217's magnetic field seems to be massive and extends deep into space but it is not unusual. Researchers have observed that several star-forming galaxies also have similar magnetic fields.

In addition to the large magnetic field, researchers are reported to have found two large "superbubble" structures. Superbubble structures are formed when several massive stars reach the end of their lives and go supernova or when stars are born and create intense stellar winds. The fact that the galaxy has two superbubble structures leads scientists to believe that the two processes are somehow linked.

Hopes of finding life

In another interesting finding earlier, a newly discovered system with two (possibly three) planets intrigued scientists for its favourable conditions that could make life outside of our solar system possible. According to reports, two terrestrial exoplanets were discovered in the orbit of Lacaille 9352, or GJ 887, and have checked a number of boxes when it comes to finding a potentially habitable planet.

According to reports, the new star system is relatively close to Earth -- only 10.7 lightyears away and its close proximity could lead it to become the most studied planetary system in the vicinity.

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