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Kanye West Wants To Model White House Like Wakanda From 'Black Panther'

On the Fourth of July, rapper Kanye West announced his plans to run for president in 2020. The announcement spread like a wildfire with people pinning different opinions. Now Kanye has said that his model for White House will resemble the fictional nation of Wakanda from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Kanye West's White House model to be like Wakanda

In a recent interview with a popular magazine, Kanye West talked about a few of his agenda for his 2020 presidential run. In it, he revealed that his model for the White House will be inspired by Wakanda from Black Panther (2018). He said that a lot of Africans do not like the movie and representation of themselves in Wakanda. But he mentioned that he is going to use the framework of Wakanda right now because it is the "best explanation" of what their design group is going to feel like in the White House. He stated, "that is a positive idea: you got Kanye West, one of the most powerful humans-I'm not saying the most because you got a lot of alien-level superpowers and it's only collectively that we can set it free."

Talking more about Wakanda, Kanye West referred to a scene in the movie, in which the king of Wakanda went to visit their lead scientist to have the shoe wrap. He mentioned that a lot of innovation can happen, innovation in medicine, like big pharma. He stated that they are going to work, innovate, together. Kanye noted that it is not going to be some "Nipsey Hussle being murdered," they are doing a documentary, the country has so many soldiers that die for its people's freedom, their freedom of information. The singer said that there is a cure for AIDS out there and went on to say that his organizational structure would consist of a mix of big pharma and holistic.

The scene that Kanye West was referring to is speculated to be when Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa goes to his intelligent sister, Shuri, played by Letitia Wright. She shows him upgraded tech for his superhero character Black Panther. Shuri presents his brother newly-developed sneakers,which first appears as just flat soles, but as T'Challa steps on them, it transforms into shoes. They get moulded to the shape of Black Panther's feet and were also sound-absorbent to help him in stealth missions.

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