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Rosie Perez Opens Up About The 'terrifying' Experience Of Contracting Coronavirus

Rosie Perez is a well-known actor who is also known for her work as a talk show host. She has had a long career in films and television as well. The actor had tested positive for COVID-19 last December in the early days of the pandemic. She has now revealed about her experience of battling coronavirus during the time when not a lot was known about this deadly virus. Let us take a look at what Rosie Perez has revealed about contracting coronavirus and how she dealt with the daunting experience.

Rosie Perez opens up about contracting COVID-19, calls it a 'terrifying' experience

Rosie Perez is one of the earliest celebrities who had contracted coronavirus. This happened during last December when she was shooting in Bangkok for The Flight Attendant, her television show on HBO Max, after which the production of the show had to be shut down. As reported by Deadline, the actor had revealed that back then there was no information about the exact nature of the virus and everybody were describing it as a new virus which affects the respiratory tract. "It was terrifying", the actor remarked.

The actor also revealed that her doctor said that it was a serious issue and that Rosie would have to be put in a separate room. She had even said to her manager, "Don't let me die in Bangkok". Rosie Perez revealed that she was very nervous when she returned to the sets, but her testing for COVID-19 and was done quite efficiently and everything was managed in a professional manner, with every precaution was taken. It was also revealed that her co-star Kaley Cuoco was the only person who had remained "steadfast".

Rosie Perez also remembered being emotional on the last day on the sets of the show. "I turned and I looked and Kaley was crying and she hugged the back of me and we were not supposed to do that. And I just turned around and I hugged her", she said. Rosie then went on to thank Kaley for convincing her to do the show. Rosie Perez has worked in other popular shows and films such as Frasier, Bounty Hunters, Birds Of Prey and more.

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