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Shaan Unhappy Over Rising Fuel Prices, Asks 'Why Can't Government Bring GST On Petrol?'

The fuel prices have set records in recent days, with the prices breaching Rs 90/litre for petrol in major cities and crossing the three-figure mark in a few places. At a time when politicians across parties have raised their concern and even protested by leading rallies on other vehicles, some of the celebrities of the film industry have shared their take by posting memes or tweeting about it. The latest was Shaan who asked why the fuel prices could not be brought under the purview of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Shaan unhappy over fuel prices

Shaan took to Twitter to ask why petrol was being 'taxed so heavily,' and asked why it could not be brought under GST. The singer sought a 'logical answer' from his followers to understand.

Numerous netizens shared their take on why it was so, and one common answer was that the Centre and state governments could manipulate the rates as per their convenience with excise duty of the government and the value added taxes of the states. Another reason pointed out was that the highest GST slab was 28 per cent, though current taxes on petrol was many folds higher.

Shaan replied to some of the 'well explained' comments and hoped for a 'revenue deficit relieving' solution. One also wrote that the Centre was keen on GST on petrol, but Congress was opposing it.

As one user wrote that with GST, the state government will go 'bankrupt', the Tanha Dil artist replied that the governments should 'control the price and not overtax', stating that after a point it was 'greed and lack of concern.'

The central excise duty and VAT combined, along with dealer commission, raises the price of petrol and diesel much higher than the base price, because of which almost 2/3rd of the price for fuel goes to the governments. The current price rise in due to the hike in the international crude oil prices which has touched the highest rate in a year, at $63.52 a barrel earier this month.

Shiv Sena leader Urmila Matondkar was one celebrity of the film industry who raised her voice against the fuel price rise, while others like Aditya Narayan and Himanshi Khurana had joined the meme fest. Stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar were dragged in it too when Congress leader Nana Patole threatened that their films' release won't be allowed for their silence on the matter.

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