Friday, 01 Mar, 5.40 am RVCJ

'Go Back Modi' Begins Trending On Twitter After Modi's Visit To Tamil Nadu

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to launch a number of new projects in Tamil Nadu and recently visited the state again for the same reason. However, residents of Tamil Nadu weren't too keen on it.

Like last time, this time around, they made their discontent and anger felt towards Modi. Some Congress workers also greeted Modi with black flags, although they were then arrested.

Tamil Nadu, as a state, has largely remained immune to the influence of Modi or the BJP and that is what the residents want to ensure for the future as well.

Last time when Modi visited Tamil Nadu, people had spoken up and said that none of his tricks or gimmicks would work in Tamil Nadu and that the BJP would continue to remain irrelevant there.

Modi received severe backlash this time as well, as #GoBackModi began trending on Twitter. This is pretty significant considering the fact that Modi has been trying to penetrate Tamil Nadu politics for a whole now.

As you can make out from the tweets, Tamil Nadu is not at all eager to have Modi interfere with their affairs, and Twitter users made it quite clear this morning.

Check out what they have to say:














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