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Indian Bigwig Who Raised Their Voice On Economic Crisis In 2013, Why Are They Silent Now

In the last ten years India has faced three bad recession period where the economic growth got puzzled away. Currently, the Indian economy has slowed down and India is going through a financial crisis.

The Indian rupees have had a terrible year and there can be a moment when people have to endure with cash. It is also believed India is facing such an economic downturn for the first time in last 70 years as the entire finance is under threat.

However, our government is silent and this time notable Indian's are also not demanding for an answer apart from the common people. But last time they wanted a lot of questions to be answered by then ruling government.

On August 28 2013, the rupee was 60 which was a mayhem and India was facing an economic crisis. India's notable people demanded an answer and wanted the UPA government to address the nation. Few claimed if Modi comes to power then rupee will get stronger.

But, now when India is going through another financial crisis. These intellects preferred to be silent. Read their tweets below:










Author Chetan Bhagat shared his concern about the economic crisis in a panel discussion. Desi Twitter wants to know why are they silent now?




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