Friday, 11 Oct, 7.40 pm RVCJ

Punjabi Guy Dates South Indian Girl: When Lassi Gets Matched With Filter Coffee

Punjab and Tamil Nadu are two states in India situated in two totally different directions. While one is the at the north known for it's over-enthusiastic and energetic people, the other is famous for it's simple, elegant and peace-loving religious people. Now think what will happen if people from these two states meet and date.

RVCJ, QuackQuack and The Moms CO have brought to a funny sketch of dating story of a Punjabi guy Gaurav and Tamil girl Namrata. When people from two different backgrounds, cultures, customs and traditions meet there will be a lot to talk about. And unknowingly we have a lot in common with every single Indian than we think.

While Namrata prefers filter coffee and ghee roast dosa, Gaurav is all about a little extra butter on everything, even on dosa and idli. But as it has always been said, 'opposite attracts'. So is the case here.

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